CFP Chair: Would be Surprised if Coaching Situation Impacted Notre Dame’s Final Ranking

College Football Playoff chair Gary Barta was on ESPN’s College Gameday on Saturday and confirmed what most media felt would be the case regarding Notre Dame’s evaluation and the coaching situation. While he didn’t rule it out, Barta said he would be very surprised if it impacted the evaluation at all.

“We talked about the Notre Dame change,” Barta said. “The continuity, the quickness. I can tell you that it is still part of our protocol, but based on the conversation last night, I’d be really surprised if it factors in at all in the conversation evaluating Notre Dame.”

Most felt this would be the case when Marcus Freeman was named head coach, and every assistant that Brian Kelly tried to lure with him to LSU promptly turned him down to stay with Notre Dame. The continuity that the Freeman hired, in addition to retaining offensive coordinator Tommy Rees, running backs coach Lance Taylor, defensive line coach Mike Elston, cornerbacks coach Mike Mickens, safety coach Chris O’Leary, and strength and conditioning coach Matt Balis, shouldn’t have impacted Notre Dame chances and Barta essentially confirmed it won’t.

Notre Dame still needs help today, though, in the form of two teams ahead of them losing. All five teams ranked ahead of them play, so the odds of that happening aren’t small.

We won’t know until some time after noon tomorrow where the Irish land, but we’ll have a good idea by 11:00 this evening if there’s a chance it’s the playoffs. The Irish will likely be in the Fiesta Bowl if the favorites win today. On the other hand, if chaos season continues after another chaotic week off the field, Notre Dame could very well be in the playoffs.

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  1. I don’t want to hear this “Oh Alabama played Georgia close and loss, so they should get in.” A team shouldn’t get punished for playing a good team close. A team should get punished for playing a bad team close, which is what Alabama has been doing constantly the last month. Alabama should not get it both ways. If they do, then their is clear bias for Alabama.

    1. “A team should get punished for playing a bad team close….”
      Exhibit: ND, Sept and Oct., 2021
      Except voters did NOT punish them. At all.

  2. Aside: For those not old enough to remember, today’s slate of games is a lot like what New Year’s Day used to be like.

    Back-to-back-to back games, all season-determining, all of them on ONE day, carried on network TV, and every college fan glued to the TV set for the entire day.

    Good times.

      1. My God, “Burgy” and I actually agree on something!

        And I would add nonsensical conference alignments.

        Last chance for ND to make the POs if for Meesheegan to lose to Iowa tonight.

        I’m just not sure ND would match up well with Bama. Let Meesheegan get beat up by the Tide.

        Hopefully ND gets a favorable NY6 bowl matchup.

        GO IRISH!

      2. SfR: Sometihng isn’t right. Alleged “Rhonda” here has posted more than one football-related comment today.
        It is beyond odd.

      3. “david”:

        Perchance we are finally have a corrective effect on him and on others here!

        Let’s hope it continues.

  3. Just a few years ago, in a NC fight for Muffet, Baylor was one rung on the ladder above the devil. Today, with a little adjustment to the shade of green, you’ll would think Baylor is the fighting Irish! The wonders of college athletics.

    BGC 77 82

    1. Briles did that. JIm Grobe deserves a lot of credit for mopping up his mess and putting Baylor football on the road to rehabilition.

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