Notre Dame Football Reportedly Pausing Off-Season Workouts Amid COVID Spikes

According to Irish Illustrated, Notre Dame is reportedly pausing off-season workouts amid a spike in COVID-19 cases among the Notre Dame student body and within the football program.

Prister further clarified that the spike was also present within the football program as well.

This is obviously not ideal, but shouldn’t be totally unexpected either. Notre Dame’s testing numbers from the general student body suggested that a spike was on the way.

Notre Dame experienced an outbreak within the program in late September that resulted in the eventual cancelation of the Wake Forest game. From that point on, things we relatively under control for Notre Dame – or at least as under control as could be all things considered.

The Notre Dame football program is in the middle of Matt Balis’s off-season workout program at the moment so that is all that is on pause for now. Notre Dame has not yet announced when spring football activities will take place this year, but they were expected to being towards the end of March. How deep this reported outbreak goes and how long it takes to get under control will determine whether or not that timeframe is at all in jeopardy.

When the outbreak hit in the fall, all football activities were completely shut down for a few days before those who were not identified through contact tracing were allowed to resume workouts. A similar timeframe this time around seems likely.

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