Sounds Like Notre Dame Avoided Major Injury to Blake Fisher

Notre Dame didn’t even make it through the first game of 2021 with their new-look offensive line fully intact. Freshman starting left tackle Blake Fisher went down with an injury that forced him into a knee brace and street clothes for the second half. That usually is a bad sign, but according to Brian Kelly, Notre Dame dodged a bullet though no definitive diagnosis or timeframe is available at the moment.

“No ACL, MCL. He had a strain,” Kelly said of the freshman phenom while addressing the media last night. “We’ll see how that plays over the next week or so,” he added.

He later clarified again that Notre Dame believes they avoided a major injury to Fisher in his post-game presser, but further tests will obviously be done this morning or later today since the Irish traveled back to Notre Dame last night following their 41-38 overtime victory.

Before the injury, Fisher had some freshman moments and clearly had his hands full with Florida State edge rusher Jermaine Johnson – the Georgia transfer. Johnson finished the game with 1.5 sacks and 2.5 TFL.

When Fisher went out of the game, sophomore Michael Carmody came off the bench and did a pretty good job in his place. Carmody had a great camp and elevated himself into the role of Notre Dame’s first OL off the bench over some older players and players in his own class who were more highly rated.

If Fisher is out this weekend and beyond, Carmody likely moves into the starting lineup until Fisher returns.

Kelly also gave updates on a few other injuries from the game – the most severe sounding like Paul Moala. The junior ROVER was in a walking boot in the second half, and Kelly admitted that it didn’t look good but that an MRI would take place today. Kelly also mentioned injuries to tight end Kevin Bauman and WILL Shayne Simon but didn’t indicate their severity.

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  1. You know how Alabama got into that situation? A coach that has nurtured and built the best program in College football…..over years.

    ND was once such a program.
    Now its just what those idiot announcers were calling it all night: a brand.

    1. Ya 43-8 with 2 playoff appearances in 4 years is just a brand. My goodness it’s a good thing you don’t coach or work in football. What a terrible coach BK is

    2. How many teams in Div I ? Around 230 ? I would venture to guess that ND could beat 225 of those teams on any given Saturday. That’s a pretty good track record . The whole idea about being elite ?
      Out of 230 teams only about 3 could be considered elite. Thats the whole total of college football.
      Its a high mountain to climb but, i like ND’s chances vs the other 225 teams.

  2. In my opinion- new defense coordinator. Give it time. Recruiting has become better than it has been in a long time. In todays game the defense must attack, the offense has to have a passing game. They are working on both. PATIENCE! Last nite is another example of a game they would have lost a few yrs ago.

  3. I love how the fans are reddy to give up on the team an the coaches. There were 82 games played yesterday
    An 61 was won by the home team. We will play better as the season gos on. An i still think thay might surprise some people. Go Irish Go!!!

  4. No depth. One bad injury away from another Brian Kelly excuse fest season.
    While Alabama could platoon in 5-stars in every position all day long, year after year.

    1. Notre Dame’s Admissions department does not accept marginal students. When do you see Alabama offensive linemen being interviewed on TV? A few years ago, McGlinchey and Nelson were interviewed for the Irish. After, the announcer said that it was unusual to interview OL that spoke in full sentences and didn’t grunt. (I haven’t seen that announcer since!) Alabama is a great FB program, but has fewer restrictions than the Irish. Don’t blame Kelly (or other former ND head coaches) for that.

    2. So ND is not as deep as Bama! Who is?
      And re: severity of injuries, BK has a long history of underestimating injuries; so I wouldn’t count on his post-game comments on Fisher and others.

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