Podcast: Will Notre Dame Play to Potential And Make Us All Happy vs. Purdue?

This game could go in a lot of directions, we talk about what Notre Dame needs to do for it to go how they want it to.

This week we previewed the Purdue game by talking about whether or not the Irish will play to the potential we all saw in the preseason or if the team we saw the last two weeks is just the team we will see for the course of the 2021 season. 

  • How much, if any, improvement can we expect from the OL?
  • How much is Jack Coan contributing to the pass protection issues?
  • Can Notre Dame cut down on the big plays this weekend?
  • Does anyone actually care about the stupid Purdue drum?
  • How much will we see Tyler Buchner?
  • What does the addition of Jordan Botelho do for the Notre Dame defense? 

Frankie V’s Podcasting Beer Tracker

I changed it up this week and went with a stout.  If it works, it looks like it will be an early Stout season. The 10.2% ABV stout from a collaboration between Twin Elephant and 4 City breweries in NJ was dangerously good.

Beer / BreweryEPISODEStyleABVRating
Mosaic IPA / Raferia 63IPA6% (2.75)
Jararaca / Ophiussa Brewing63Pale Ale5% (4.25)
Electric Spectre / KCBC62DIPA8% (4.25)
Kinetics / Equilibrium61DIPA8.5% (4.25)
That's Not a Burrito,.. This is a Burrito / KCBC60IPA7.2% (4.0)
Land of Hazy Waters / Other Half59DIPA8.2% (4.5)
Liquid Hot Magma / Zero Gravity58DIPA8.0% (4.0)
Sneak / Kane57TIPA10.2% (4.25)
Brain Death / KCBC56DIPA8.5% (4.0)
Mini Unicorns / Pipeworks55IPA5.0% (4.0)
Tremendous Cream / Other Half51TIPA10.0% (4.5)
Shimmy Ye (3) / Twin Elephant50TIPA10.4% (4.5)
50 Millions Dollar Man / Three Floyds49DIPA9.0% (4.25)
F**k 2021 As Well / Abomination Brewery48TIPA9.7% (4.5)
Come Quick Distress / Forgotten Boardwalk47DIPA7.8% (4.25)
Wet Gravity / Foreign Objects Beer46Hazy IPA5.9% (4.0)
Poltergeist / Tox Brewery45TIPA10% (4.25)
All Green Everything / Other Half Brewery44TIPA10.5% (4.5)
Konkey Dong / Hoof Hearted Brewery43IPA - Imperial9.5% (4.25)
Locals / 4 City42IPA7.0% (4.0)
Grom's Head / 3 Floyds41IPA7.5% (4.25)
Let's Bee Homies / Stone & Deschutes 39Hazy IPA7.5% (4.0)
Boxx / Kane 38IPA6.5% (4.25)
Big Pillow Hat / Hudson Valley Brewery32DIPA9.0% (4.25)
Electric Tide / Kane Brewing29DIPA7.0 (4.5)
Strongest Geometric Shape / Barrier Brewing Co27TIPA10.2% (4.0)
September Sun 25DIPA8.3% (4.25)
Very Green / Treehouse BreweryE22DIPA8.3% (4.5)
Russian Messenger / Well Crafted Beer CoE20Imperial Stout9.1% (4.0)
Wolf Pajamas / Well Crafted Beer CoE19Imperial Stout10.2% (4.0)
Levitate / Well Crafted Beer CoE18DIPA8% (4.25)
3x Swords / Round Guys BrewingE17Triple IPA11.7% (4.5)
Only Built 4 Brewin Drinx / Twin Elephant & 4 City ColabE16Stout10.2% (4.25)
King Sabro / BeachhausE15DIPA8.4% (4.0)
More Medison Than Hedison / 4 CityE13Triple IPA9.5% (4.0)
Open Water (2021) / KaneE14Triple IPA10.4% (4.25)
Hop'solutely / Fegley's Brew WorksTriple IPA11.5% (4.25)
Super Duper Friends / Captain Lawrence Triple IPA10% (4.0)
Mega Yacht Juice / Icarus Triple IPA12% (4.25)
Weird and Gilly / SinglecutIPA6.6% (4.25)
Double Dry Hopped Space Diamonds / Other HalfDIPA8.5 (4.25)

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  1. EJS JC is a.turtle…just like Ron Pawlus
    was. But JC is a great passer and that
    Is fine for the pros.

    BGC 77. 82

  2. Forget the result. The mere fact that there is this much hand-wringing and angst…vs Purdue!…. speaks volumes.
    ND is not Top 10 team.
    Masochist’s Lives Matter!

  3. If Notredame doesn’t win this game by 2 or 3 touchdowns or more and limit the big plays have better tackling andfundamentals on defense and gin the ball a lo th better I see a few losses on this schedule. If we see vast improvements may e theres hope .

  4. I can’t recall any sack to date this year that I would blame on Jack Coan. The offensive line has been just horrible, the worst I can remember over 50+ years of watching Notre Dame football. Tyler Buchner’s running ability really gave ND a shot in the arm, in part, because Toledo didn’t expect it and wasn’t prepared for it. They should continue using Tyler as a relief pitcher, with Jack as the starter.

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