2022 Notre Dame Off-Season Roster Movement Tracker

After putting the finishing touches on that post last night about all of the roster movement and subsequently realizing I had forgotten about a few mid-season transfers, I decided a tracker of sorts was necessary for me to keep tracker. And once I started putting it together I figured it made a whole lot of sense to add it to the site and pin it to the message board as well. We’ll keep this updated as we get more 5th year and senior decisions and learn about any more potential transfers.

Kevin AustinWRSeniorDeclared for Draft
Kyle HamiltonSJuniorDeclared for Draft
Kyren WilliamsRBJuniorDeclared for Draft
Houston GriffithSSeniorReturn to Notre Dame
Josh LuggOL5th YearReturn to Notre Dame*
Braden LenzyWRSeniorReturn to Notre Dame
Paul MoalaLBSeniorTransfer Out (TBD)
Khari GeeSFreshmanTransfer Out (Georgia Tech)
Brendan ClarkQBJuniorTransfer Out (Old Dominion)
Lawrence KeysWRSeniorTransfer Out (Tulane)
Quinn CarrollOTJuniorTransfer Out (Minnesota)
Jay BramblettPSeniorTransfer Out (LSU)
Caleb OffordCBSophomoreTransfer Out (Buffalo)
Shayne SimonLBSeniorTransfer Out (Pitt)
Litchfield AjavonSSeniorTransfer Out (TBD)
George TakacsTESeniorReturn to Notre Dame
Justin AdemilolaDESeniorReturn to Notre Dame
Jayson AdemilolaDTSeniorReturn to Notre Dame
Brandon JosephSSeniorTransfer In (Northwestern)
Isaiah FoskeyDEJuniorReturn to Notre Dame
Jarrett PattersonOCSeniorReturn to Notre Dame
Isaiah PryorROVER5th YearDeclared for Draft
Avery DavisWR5th YearReturn to Notre Dame*
Kahuna KiaLBFreshmanLeave of Absence (Mission)
Bo BauerLBSeniorReturn to Notre Dame
DJ BrownSSeniorReturn to Notre Dame
Joe WilkinsWRSeniorReturn to Notre Dame
Blake GrupePK5th YearTransfer In (Arkansas State)
Jon SotP5th YearTransfer In (Harvard)
KJ WallaceSSeniorTransfer Out (TBD)
JoJo JohnsonCBFreshmanTransfer Out (TBD)
* denotes player using an additional year of eligibility from COVID waiver in 2020

* denotes player using an additional year of eligibility from COVID waiver in 2020

  • Lawrence Keys announces transfer during the season > ultimately committed to Tulane
  • Junior stars Kyle Hamilton and Kyren Williams announced they were delcaring for the draft and opting out of the Fiesta Bowl in December.
  • QB Brendan Clark whose Notre Dame career was derailed by injuries announced a mid-season transfer before deciding on Old Dominion.
  • During bowl practices in December, LB Shayne Simon & S Litchefild Ajavon entered the portal but stayed with Notre Dame through the Fiesta Bowl.
  • Freshman S Khari Gee, who signed with Notre Dame without ever visiting campus, entered the transfer portal in the off-season.
  • Immeditaely following the Fiesta Bowl loss, Jay Bramblett and Paul Moala entered the transfer portal.
  • One day after the Fiesta Bowl, star WR Kevin Austin announced he was delcaring for the NFL Draft instead of using a 5th year while Braden Lenzy announced he would return for a 5th year.
  • Reserve TE George Takacs annonced he would return for a 5th year.
  • 2021 starting RT Josh Lugg announced a return for a 6th year by using the COVID waiver year from 2020. It is specualted that a move to guard is likely in the cards.
  • Houston Griffith, who initially entered the transfer portal in January 2021, announced a return to Notre Dame for a 5th year.
  • 1/3: Quinn Carroll and Caleb Offord both entered the transfer portal on January 3.
    • Carroll announced on Twitter on 1/4 he was transfering to Minnesota.
  • 1/5: DE Justin Ademilola announced he will return to Notre Dame for a 5th year.
  • 1/7: DT Jayson Ademilola announced he will return to Notre Dame for a 5th year.
  • 1/8: S DJ Brown announced he will return to Notre Dame for a 5th year.
  • 1/8: S transfer Brandon Joseph (Northwestern) commits to Notre Dame.
  • 1/8: DE Isaiah Foskey announced he will return to Notre Dame for senior season instead of entering the NFL Draft a year early.
  • 1/9: OC Jarrett Patterson announced he will return to Notre Dame for a 5th year instead of entering the NFL Draft.
  • 1/9: ROVER Isaiah Pryor announced he would enter the NFL Draft despite having eligibilty remaining. He was not, however, expected to return to Notre Dame.
  • 1/9: WR Avery Davis announces return to Notre Dame for 6th year. Davis tore his ACL against Navy and is using the free COVID year to come back in 2022.
  • 1/10: LB Kahuna Kia announces his plan to take his Mormon mission. As of now, plans are for him to return in 2024 to Notre Dame.
  • 1/10: LB Bo Bauer announed he will return to Notre Dame for a 5th year. He should challenge for a starting position at MIKE in 2022.
  • 1/11: WR Joe Wilkins announced he will return to Notre Dame for a 5th year.
  • 1/13: PK Blake Grupe announced he will graduate transfer to Notre Dame from Arkansas State.

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  1. My fault David. My health problems have affected my vision, especially reading. I miss some letters, especially the first and last, and I add letters from my imagination, or the context…so
    TAMU becomes BAMA.
    BGC 77 82

    1. Well, we’ll all see soon enough if Dabo Swinney is the real deal, or if he’s just a dude who benefited from a brief run of spectacular QB recruiting luck.
      I recall the outrage when strong allegations were made that Auburn ‘bought’ Cam Newton by outbidding a few other teams for his service. Well, NIL makes that pretty much completely okay now.
      And I wouldn’t bet against SEC folks to dig up more “internship” money than the ACC.

  2. Well lookey that!

    Wildcats up by 2 TDs….11 seconds left in the half, with 2 TOs, strting from their own 40.
    ONE pass play gets it to the edge of the field goal range….6 seconds.
    They get a crack at 3 before the half …. wide left.

    Hunh. Amazing what they can do with just 11 seconds…without using ANY timeouts.
    Imagine 37 seconds and 3 TOs….even from say, a few more yards away.

  3. Kelly in the booth at the LSU game…1) “Boston has no accent” (siad without any no hint of humor)
    2) he’s “from the midwest and Boston”…..pick one, asshole. The non-bold faced lie one would do.
    3) “You’re QB asks you to dance, you gotta dance” …if you;re a completely disingenuous, ass-kissing, used car salesman fool.

    And the piece de resistance: Wildcats get a pick as he’s droning on with his usual doubletalk bullshit, and then punches it in right as he’s leaving the booth. An ominous start.

  4. In 2022, I can see a real shift in the football landscape coming.
    Teas A&M was a surprising underachiever this year, but I think their immediate future looks to be the best of any program.

    1) NIL….a gamechanger for everyone, but even bigger for TAMU….its legendary boosters are now unleashed.
    2) Jimbo Fisher has Saban’s ability to attract the very best staff. And other than for HC jobs, they similarly have not bene quitting TAMU for other programs. Recruits like that.

    The fly in the ointment: Saban’s run is long past believable. If he ever wants to hang up his spurs, Bama would be able to poach Fisher with one cup of coffee.

    1. David, don’t you think Alabama would like Clemson’s head coach, a favorite son, a lot more than Jimbo?
      BGC 77 82

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