Podcast: Single High Returns with a Notre Dame Football Vibe Check

After a two-month hiatus, Single High is back with some vibe checks on Notre Dame and why this off-season is basically a 180 from last off-season when the vibes were immaculate.

  • What to expect with the Notre Dame offense
  • Lots of talk about expectations for Sam Hartman
  • Positions Notre Dame is better/worse
  • Players Notre Dame needs to take a big leap this year
  • Recruiting vibes now versus a year ago

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  1. “There is simply nothing anybody can do right now, or probably ever again, to maintain a semblance of integrity in intercollegiate athletics, that’s over,” Finebaum concluded
    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  2. In other news, ND cancels interhall football.

    Excellent call! Best to get rid of the spectacle of real college students playing a great game strictly for the team comradery and love of the sport, not for any financial compensation.

    In this brave new world, best remove ANY reminder of how that all used to work. Confuses people.

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