NR Notre Dame
() Fighting Irish
Miami NR
Hurricanes ()
  • Date: 2016-10-29 at 3:30pm ET
  • TV: NBC
  • Location: Notre Dame, IN (Notre Dame Stadium)

Beating the Miami Hurricanes Still Feels Damn Good

I was five years old when the infamous Notre Dame-Miami game took place in 1988.  I didn’t understand the significance of the game or why, when it ended, my parents celebrated like it was the happiest day of their lives.  ...

Beyond the Boxscore: Notre Dame Defense Suffocates Miami Ground Game

What looked to a be a blowout turned into a nail-biting win for the Irish as they came away with a 30-27 victory over the Miami Hurricanes. While the scoring shows 27 unanswered points for Miami, 14 of those points ...

Notre Dame v. Miami ’16 Highlights

Notre Dame jumped out to an early 20-0 lead on Miami on Saturday only to watch the Hurricanes rip off 27 unanswered points to take the lead in the fourth quarter.  It was a script we have seen all too ...

Notre Dame v. Miami ’16: A Statistical Preview

Two teams whose seasons seem to be spinning out of control meet in South Bend on Saturday. The Miami Hurricanes visit the Golden Dome for the first time since 1990, yet the stature of this Notre Dame Miami football game ...

Notre Dame Battles through Noise, Distractions to Prepare for Miami

It’s probably the understatement of the year, but Notre Dame’s 2016 football season has not gone according to plan.  This fall was one of tremendous promise and expectations after Notre Dame posted double digits in the victory column for only ...

ESPN 30 for 30 : Catholics v. Convicts Trailer

ESPN is currently putting the finishing touches on an upcoming 30 for 30 on the epic 1988 Notre Dame – Miami clash known better as the Catholics vs. Convicts and released the trailer today. (Mobile Users: Direct link to the ...