Notre Dame v. Miami ’16 Highlights

Notre Dame jumped out to an early 20-0 lead on Miami on Saturday only to watch the Hurricanes rip off 27 unanswered points to take the lead in the fourth quarter.  It was a script we have seen all too many times this season.  This time, however, the ending was different.  Notre Dame rebounded to score the final 10 points of the game and held on for just their third victory of the season.

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Notre Dame’s defense, despite the 27 points allowed, turned in one of its best performances of the seasons.   Jarron Jones had a career day with 6 tackles for loss while Nyles Morgan added another three including two sacks.  The Irish special teams, however, seemed hell bent on making things interesting.  Notre Dame muffed two punts, one of which was recovered for a touchdown, allowed a blocked punt, and got caught totally and completely unprepared for an onside kick.

All in all, it was an ugly victory for Notre Dame, but after surrendering a 20 point lead and nearly losing their 6th game of the season, the Irish will take a win any way they can get it.

More to follow.

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  1. I wonder what the academic standards need to be for coaches. 4th and inches and the coach puts the QB in the shotgun and calls for a screen?
    It took how long to figure our you needed a new defensive coordinator ?
    You get you D fixed and your offense gets shaky? Your special teams go out the window ?
    What is the deal with Kelly?

  2. Booker has no credentials. Is he a recruiting ace or something? The guy has no business playing an integral part in ND football.

  3. It was positive to see the win and not completely blow it. Play calling for this game seemed better and surprisingly a decent defensive performance ( which is seemingly a reflection how ineffective BVG was as a DC).

    Having a 20 point lead and letting it go, SMH. ST issues continue under BK’s tenure continue with on-going inconsistency. It looks like BK is reluctant to address this area in an effective manner. Would it kill the offense to run the QB under center for continued mixing up play calling, especially to put more power into it by running out of a simple I formation. Yeah, I know, isn’t going to happen unless someone new calls the offense.

    USC and V Tech are playing good ball, Navy has always gave ND fits with its option scheme and Army to a lesser extent. I didn’t think ND would beat the Canes. I am not real optimistic against the Hokies or Trojans. Navy is iffy and Army probably the highest probability for a win. If all 3 teams could get on the consistent execution phase together per game, this team would be so much closer to its pre-season hype. It just doesn’t seem to happen with this team however, and much of that is indicative of preparation & practice, which goes a lot on the coaching staff, especially the head coach.

    1. Agree about the defense. I don’t know yet if Hudson is really that good, time will tell. But there is no doubt BVG was really that bad.

      1. Agreed Damian – clearly BVG was the root of the problem. The good people who were angry that he wasn’t dismissed last winter were absolutely right. So was USAF Irish about Hudson as a viable plan B.

        As far as turning a fourth and inches into a fourth and three with a silly, lengthy sideward pass – yeah, that was a crazy call and it got exactly what it deserved. Just SNEAK the stupid ball next time. But overall the offensive playcalling was anywhere from much improved to stellar. I wish I had confidence that it will remain so, as I’ve had confidence after Hudson’s first game that the “D” would steadily improve – but I do not. I fear the “O” calls in this game might be a one shot deal. Hope I’m wrong.

        Bruce GC 77′ 82′

  4. Beggars can’t be choosers. It was a win against a decent team. I’ll take it and look hopefully towards next week.

  5. Nice to see the Irish hang on for a win! It would have been a devastating loss. They almost gave it way. Loved to see the unpredictable play calling on offense – they need to keep that up. I especially liked how Kiser spread the ball around and ran effectively when needed. Refreshing to see Josh Adams return to what he was last year. Nice to see Jarron Jones play so well. Keep playing #22 at Linebacker. Need more of Finke. Would have used Folston a little more when they couldn’t get going on offense later in the game. The special teams miscues reflect on BK’s inability to turn special teams into a positive, rather than a negative.

  6. It goes on and on one week the offense is good the next the defense sucks almost always, when the defense is fair, the special teams suck great players great efforts but the wrong coach year after year it never jells it never comes together Kelly is just not the right guy
    Victory is sweet

  7. I would like to see a lowlight reel also. Show all the ST gaffes, TE fumbling on the goalline with the game at stake, and the countless 3rd and forevers that the defense gave up. Some truly amazing stuff yesterday.

  8. Frank,
    When did the defense give up 27 points? I had them at 20 points.

    Bruce GC
    La Crosse, Indiana

  9. Just three more wins and We are Bowl Bound. Some of these players didn’t quit today. Hopefully the others will take note. Canes sure came out smokin in the 2nd half. They were another team. Hey, Scotsman, make sure you lock up your Southern Comfort. Glad to see Josh Adams run straight for that last minute score. Notre Dame fans are the Best. Didn’t see a one depart early.

    1. Well, the play calling made a lot more sense today. Some of the running plays “hit them where they ain’t” for once, starting with the first series. I liked the pass-run mix too.
      The defense had too many impact plays to list here. Obviously it was their best game.

      Special Teams should be renamed “Special ED” or “Special REAMS” take your choice. They are actually getting WORSE, if such a thing were possible – except for Yoon – he looked great.

      Bruce GC 77′ 82′

  10. I’ve said for years Kelly needs to hire a big time special teams coach. until he does I don’t think much will change. As far as the offense goes I feel there is a lot of talent and potential there however they struggle in the run game due to running this finesse spread offense. They wont do it but they need to run under center. more I formation 2 back pro style north south running game like Harbaugh runs at Michigan. Even 2 former Notre Dame running backs on the post game show said this.

    1. Pete,
      Special Teams flipped “MO” on us again! How long will this nightmare go on? (That’s a rhetorical question, Pete, that you know the answer to) – it will go on until “Special Teams” are taken seriously at ND, and treated seriously at ND. You can’t simply flip coins in the spring to see which assistant is “odd man out” and gets stuck with ST. That’s more or less what we did in grade school, and it doesn’t work. At best you can be lucky and break even on a deal like that. Thank the Lord for Yoon! He’s about the only thing that mostly goes right on ST. But that’s because he and the punter are the only things taken seriously on ST at ND – and the returners, maybe! As if that is all that matters on ST! I was screaming from the stands to watch the cane on the far left sneaking up and over to the left on the onside kick…but our guy was sucked in to the right – just like the Miami ST coach KNEW HE WOULD BE. It’s a joke. No, it’s a farce.

      Bruce GC 77′ 82′

    1. Actually it’s the type of win they needed. I think a lot of people wrote them off an soon as Miami tied the game, but the offense turned it on when they needed it the most. Who’d thought that the defense would’ve carried this team, the way the season started.

      1. It was the opposite of the type of win they needed against an average team. Football follies highlight reel.

  11. WHEW! There is NO program I loathe, hate, despise and abominate MORE than the scum of the ghetto of Coral Gables. Though not as bad as the 80’s and early 90s, it is still the Hurricanes. Victory to ND by 3 for win # 3. Time for some Southern Comfort and thank the Lord.

  12. At this point a win’s a win. There’s not much more to play for. Defense is the only thing that didn’t feel like a disaster. Ironic thinking how they started. I don’t know if Hudson is the answer or not at DC, the last few games should give a better idea on that. But if nothing else, how the defense is playing now is a true indictment of just how bad BVG really was as a DC. Hudson has shown the defensive players we have are capable of making plays. They were not the problem, it really was the coaching.

    Offense shows flashes but then collapses. How do you have an offense that can at one point be dominant, then be incompetent, ALL IN THE SAME GAME?

    Special teams, ugh. Need I say more?

    Sometimes I think there’s a hex on ND. How many times do you see a player muff a punt then the other team ends up with a TD the way it happened to ND? I’ve lost all faith in BK, but I can’t help but feel that particular play was just incredibly bad luck.

    1. But Damian, what about the short kick that hit one of our guys, for the second time this year, and was recovered by our opponent? Either CJ is not yelling “OFF OFF OFF” loud enough, or not yelling it at all, or our guys just are not listening, or they don’t give a damn. Opponent ST’s will kick short and high once in awhile (so they don’t have to kick to CJ all the time). That’s part of the game on ST. But what has our response been? I do not exactly know – you’d literally have to be out there on the field to know – BUT I KNOW THIS – it’s not working, even though it is a rather simple and basic ST counter move – get OFF the field, Get OFF your return lane! It’s not brain surgery. And it’s also not happening, for some reason.

      Bruce GC 77′ 82′

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