Notre Dame Legend Breaks Down Tommy Tremble’s Savage Blocking

We might not have any football this weekend with the cold reality of what playing football in a pandemic means, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything Notre Dame football related worth discussing at the moment. Notre Dame legend Aaron Taylor took to Twitter recently to breakdown the savage blocking that we saw from Tremble last weekend against South Florida.

Tremble’s blocking this year has been one of the most interesting developments after coming into the season with the reputation of being more of a receiving threat. He bulked up this off-season, however, and has been a devastating blocker through two games this season.

Tremble also leads Notre Dame in receptions (8) and receiving yards (104) through two games. It’s a small sample size currently, but it looks like he will be continuing the Tight End U tradition at Notre Dame at the next level before too long.

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  1. I agree, Jeff. Kelly has never recruited or developed an elite qb which is very puzzling to me because when Notredame hired him his reputation was as a qb gura offensive guard. I’ve never seen it and looking at th this years Notredame team everything imo is there for a national championship run except I dont think Book is good enough. To beat Clemson, Ohio State, Alabama etc. You need a great qb like Joe Burrow did last year.

  2. I hope Austin can play against Florida State and lives up to the hype. Also would like to see one of the young receivers Johnson or Watts. MCKINLEY,Wilkens Skoronski are good possession receivers or situational receivers but you need homerun speed guys to beat Clemson. I’m watching Alabama now and their receivers are blazing fast. Waddle and Smith can turn every catch into a highlight reel ripping off big chunk yards.

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