Watch: Slow Mo Ben Koyack Game Winning TD Over Stanford

Ben Koyack - Game Winning TD - Notre Dame vs. Stanford

Want to see the most dramatic rendition of Ben Koyack’s game winning touchdown you will ever see?  Well the fine folks at FIDM have that covered.  Not even going to add commentary.  Just sit back and enjoy!!!!

USC Captain Thinks Trojans Will Be "Running Up the Score" on Notre Dame


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  1. zeke 5 years ago

    Notice how Ben Koyack gently tosses the ball towards the ref after the play and celebrates with his teammates. No showboating or calling attention to himself. Great Notre Dame moment and many more to come.

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  2. Jerry Seppanen 5 years ago

    We were there and that was just a guts win

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  3. Mel 5 years ago

    I call it, “The Leapin’ Leprechaun” play. The QB leaps as he throws … and… after the TD was made, you can see our leprechaun clearly leapin’. Just sayin’. “Leapin’ Leprechaun” play. ‪#‎legendary‬ ‪#‎Irish‬ ‪#‎movingtoNo1‬

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  4. jerseymick 5 years ago

    Golson is such a great athlete!

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  5. Rafael Pinedo 5 years ago

    Golsson-Koyack touchdown reminded me Hanratyty and Seymour.

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  6. Pete 5 years ago

    It takes a lot of courage to be a holder. You are expected to get it right every time. If that was me out there I would have had a coronary on the field.

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  7. ja4nd 5 years ago

    Golson still hasn’t lost a regular season game. The kid is a winner.

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  8. brandon 5 years ago

    Are you Manti T’eo!?

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    1. ja4nd 5 years ago

      Are you Brandon Hoyte?

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  9. fxm 5 years ago

    We were lame running the ball early in 2012 and improved dramatically. It will happen this year, these guys don’t suck and neither does their coach.

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  10. Teo 5 years ago

    Unbelievable win. Golson silenced a lot of critics with that toss. Great play. Great win.

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  11. brandon 5 years ago

    To be clear, I’m not judging the ND run game just on Stanford. I’m judging it based on these last 5 games. We have not been good AT ALL. Golson is a winner though. I’ll be confident every week as long as he’s in there. Sure wish Davaris Daniels was out there though. He’s far and away better than any receiver we have out there right now.

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  12. brandon 5 years ago

    Our d this year is better than the D when we went to the Championship. Only difference is our o line is mediocre and we have no run game.

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    1. go_irish 5 years ago

      Hard to judge the running game against Stanford. Run defense is their strength. Irish need to run better certainly. But the defense is aggressive and fast and Golson is one cool character.

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    2. JDH 5 years ago

      That O-line kept Golson protected and snug all game.

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    3. Bodie 5 years ago

      Let’s be honest, as much as we all love Cam McDaniel, he’s not a division I bad ass with NFL potential. Fulston and Bryant do, and it’s perplexing as to why they didn’t get much playing time last week. Is Kelly a bit timid of their youth? Come on coach, release the Dobermans.

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