New Notre Dame Safety Thomas Harper Highlights

Notre Dame picked up a safety/slot corner transfer on Friday in the portal in the form of Oklahoma State defensive back Thomas Harper. Over four years and 42 games, Harper had 93 tackles, a forced fumble, and two interceptions. He was a 2020 2nd Team All Big-12 selection for the Cowboys. With Notre Dame losing both Brandon Joseph at safety, along with starting slot corner Tariq Bracy, Harper will help the Irish secondary in multiple ways next year.

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  1. Colorado soap opera news…..

    Sanders leaked a rumor on the BCS game telecast that Colorado would be playing a 2023 game one week BEFORE it faces TCU. In Week 0, at ASU.
    (I’m guessing Prime doesn’t much like the idea of starting his new gig as 0-1 roadkill.)

    Well, that “script rewrite” just got shot down. Perhaps because the NCAA wants to let Flavuh Flav know who’s boss, and won’t be handing over ALL of its racket to ESPN and Kirk Herbstreit.

    Or pehaps because, unless proven otherwise, Colorado is still just Colorado. And unlike the dimwits and fools who have already ordered their Buffs merch and sunglasses, the cartel isn’t in a rush to crown them national champs, and kick the SEC to the curb just yet.

  2. The CFB champs from Georgia have shown how recruiting can compete with the NIL transfer portal in maintaining elite teams. Most recruiting services had Georgia in the top 3 in 2022 recruits, the majority had them rated #1. That followed #4 in 2021, #1 in 2020, #2 in 2019, #1 in 2018 and #3 in 2017. Still, in the CFB title game, their OC countered TCU’s aggressive pursuit to the ball with counters, featuring their All-American TE in various formations. prepared for what TCU does.
    Unlike $C and LSU and others, Georgia has realized that elite recruiting can be a winning formula.
    So does Freeman, and especially without his school refusing the pay-for-play road to success.
    For those who still focus on Coach Freeman’s misses versus Stanford and Marshall, ND is fortunate to now have a head coach who refuses to settle for less.

    1. It sure helps to have elite talent. Monken,Georgia’s offensive coordinator was offensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns under Freddie Kitchens in 2019. Living an hour from Cleveland I can tell you many people were glad to see him go.

  3. It’s going to be interesting this off season to see what happens with Tyree and Styles. Tyree might be a better fit in the slot. He catches the ball very well and is quick and fast in space. Styles was disappointing. Too many drops and didn’t seem to fight for the 50 50 balls. I could see him either breaking out or being passed up by the younger receivers or the transfers coming in. He also may be suited better for the slot playing inside more. I like the running backs with Estime ,Diggs, Price and Love coming in. Watched Love in the all star high school game. He is really fast. I can see why Saban wanted him.

    1. The very few times a recervierf not named Mayer was targeted, they were simply surprised to see the ball. Plus it was too often behind them, sailed over them, or hitting the turf near their feet.
      Hartman can fix that.

      1. Hartman will make a huge difference no doubt in the passing game. I’m thinking if Price is healthy, he sees the field along with Diggs and Estime. Tyree then may get fewer touches at running back but more opportunities in the slot. I guess that is a nice problem for Notredame to have.

  4. So the final rankings are out.
    LSU 16, ND 18.

    For all the ego-tripping, bridge-burning, pundit bootlicking, fan reaction, and millions of dollars, Brian Kelly’s Kiffin-esque move to LSU translated to exactly an “Oregon State” worth of difference.

    Enjoy the off-season, fuckwad. Tell your new hires to just masturbate instead.

  5. Reggie Bush is now in the college football Hall of Fame.
    Because….fuck it.
    It’s all totally fucked anyway.

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