Season 2: Episode 14 with Autry Denson

This week’s guest on Spanning the Dome was Notre Dame’s All Time Leading Rusher – Autry Denson.  We spoke with Atury for roughly an hour on topics ranging from the transition form Lou Holtz to Bob Davie to his thoughts on last weekend’s win over Purdue.  Autry is as passionate a Notre Dame fan as you will find and was a lot of fun to talk with.  Here’s a list of topics we discussed.

  • Autry’s thoughts on Notre Dame’s running backs as well as Armando Allen’s breakout performance last week against Purdue.
  • What the transition was like from Lou Holtz to Bob Davie.
  • Autry’s foundation – Run For Your Goal (
  • Why Notre Dame is struggling with the screen pass this year after the great success the Irish had running screens in 2005 and 2006.
  • Autry’s game watching rituals.
  • How important it is for running backs to get into a groove and how running back by committee can disrupt that groove.

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  1. hi i have been a fan of autry denson since he got to notre dame. my all time favorite irish player. i worked with a friend of his in a dodge dealership in miami fl. and was hopeing to meet him but i was laid off before i had the chance. i have many games of him at n.d recorded(personal use only) and i still watch them once in a while. i found pic of him in a magazine during a game when he was playing with a broken finger and he had to cary the ball in his other hand. i inlarged the pic and put it in a frame. out of all the carys he had he lost the ball only 3 times. great hands, very ilusive, awsome out of the backfield and great all around awsome player.

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