Podcast: Forget OLU, is Notre Dame DEU? Seriously Though, We Break Down Jeff Quinn & the Irish OL

This week we intended to focus solely on the Notre Dame offensive line and the job that Jeff Quinn has done on the recruiting trail and on the field, but Marcus Freeman and Mike Elston also forced us to spend a good bit of time talking about how ridiculous DE recruiting has been.  We also did a deep dive into what Jeff Quinn has done well – spoiler it’s a lot – and where he still has something to prove as the Offensive Line Coach at Notre Dame.  We also learned a very valuable lesson this week – don’t let Greg try to record the podcast from his car because it only leads to having to re-record the whole damn show.  

This week we touched on:

  • The insane recruiting haul of Keon Keeley and Brenan Vernon and how Notre Dame is recruiting a specific type of DE
  • The addition of Ashton Craig and why Notre Dame fans should be pretty happy
  • Another OL recruit who turned Notre Dame’s very late effort to recruit him into a hilarious quote
  • The excellent job that Jeff Quinn has done recruiting and the questions that remain about how he develops OL
  • Greg goes on a rant at the end in defense of both Jeff Quinn and Del Alexander
  • Just how much Greg loves it that Notre Dame fans love anchoring on the OLU moniker
  • Why Greg should have included a Chipotle burrito bowl in his list of top 5 bowls on the OFD pod last week
  • Why we should never try to record a podcast with Greg calling in from a parking lot ever again.
  • This week’s single high beer: Double Sunrise from Singlecut Beermsiths out a NY. A 9.0% IPA.

Keep the comments coming! Let us know what you think of the pod and let us know what you’d like to hear us talk about on future episodes.

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