Podcast: Early Impressions from ’21 Notre Dame Fall Camp with ISD’s Matt Freeman

We were joined on the podcast this week by Irish Sport’s Daily’s Matt Freeman who talked with us about his early impressions from fall camp after the Irish held their first open practice of the season earlier this week.  Matt shared a ton of insights with us as we inch closer and closer to the start of the season.  

  • Notre Dame has the look of a SEC team physically
  • Kevin Austin really might be that dude, but it could take him a couple weeks to hit his stride
  • Sneaky Del has the Irish WR room ready for big things – if they can stay healthy. We spent a lot of time talking about Braden Lenzy, Lawrence Keys III, Deion Colzie, Lorenzo Styles, and more
  • Logan Diggs is a smooooth operator and Audric Estime is a big man. We all thought Diggs reminded us of a recent fan favorite.
  • The defensive line is deep and talented.
  • Notre Dame has almost “positionless” linebackers and my man Marist Liufau was getting some run at ROVER.
  • The offensive line is still a work in progress.

We also talked about the seven players Notre Dame named captains on Friday and read through some of our recent reviews – even the ones that said Greg and I were old. To our credit, we are. Keep leaving reviews on Apple and we’ll keep reading them.

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One Comment

  1. “Notre Dame has the look of a SEC team physically”
    That’s great.
    You know who else looks like an SEC team physically? Every team in the SEC.
    More importantly, they all play like one, too.

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