Episode 10: Notre Dame has a QB1, Defending Ian Book from the Slander, and Talking ‘Backers

Breaking down what Jack Coan brings to the Notre Dame offense and all it lost with Ian Book

Since the last episode of the pod, Notre Dame has named an official QB1 – Jack Coan. We break down Coan as the starter and Greg goes on a bit of a rant in defense of Ian Book from some of the ridiculous Twitter slander that has suggested the winningest quarterback in program history held Notre Dame back. We also touch on.

  • Whats going on at the VYPER position
  • How exciting the news of Marist Liufau has been and what’s up at ROVER?
  • The versatility and extra dimension Chris Tyree gives the Irish offense
  • How knowing the official starting lineup along the OL is the next domino to fall

We somehow kept the pod to just under an hour this week for those who have been asking, but we’ll probably be back at 90 minutes next week.

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One Comment

  1. Congrats to Ian Book for being the best game manager in the history of the program and beating all of the bad teams. Well done for a 3 star QB.

    Btw, this is not sarcastic.

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