Podcast: Blowouts, Senior Day, Notre Dame Football is Fun: The Irish are on the Verge of Another Potential Playoff Berth

Senior Day was one of the most fun Saturdays in recent Notre Dame history thanks to one of the biggest blowouts in years for the Irish.

Football is fun again at Notre Dame with the Irish on the verge of another potential playoff berth after blowing out Georgia Tech on Senior Day to improve to 10-1.  Greg and I were able to record together this week after Greg needed a special guest host last week.

Topics include:

  • Kudos to the Notre Dame coaching staff and some much-maligned assistants
  • A special Senior Day moment for Lord Myron
  • Notre Dame’s playoff chances and what scenarios are bad for the Irish
  • Some Christmas lighting tips
  • Audric Estime, man child
  • A remarkable revamp of the Irish offense mid-season 

We’ll be back later this week with a Stanford preview pod and reaction to where Notre Dame lands in the latest CFP rankings.

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One Comment

  1. Make no mistake. It is not the quality of ND’s play that generated this discussion.
    It’s the arbitrary, conflicted, opaque and corrupt voting system.
    That alone has set up a scenario where ND making the playoff is a completely masochistic possibility.
    Objective reality screams otherwise. As a fan of sports AND entertainment, I hope it doesn’t happen.

    Go to a competitive bowl game….and win the game.
    ND football needs to protect its relevance and credibility, more than it needs the extra money to get whipped like a rented mule.

    A thought for the sober: Win a NY6 bowl, and ND *could* maybe end up in 4th. Fans happy, proudly crying “we wuz robbed!”). All good.
    Versus……losing a playoff game by 20+ points, ranked nowhere near 4th, and spending another winter following recruiiting as a national championship event.

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