S2E31: 10 Years Later Notre Dame Still Stuffed Stanford Despite What David Shaw Thinks, and Now the Irish Are A Lot Better

David Shaw hit us with the “many people are saying” nonsense regarding his team getting stuffed at the goalline in 2012 as his program continues to sink back deep into the depths of the abyss of college football. Notre Dame, on the other hand, has beaten Stanford three straight times and looks for their 4th in a row over the Cardinal and of the 2022 season on Saturday night under the lights of Notre Dame Stadium. Greg and Frank breakdown:

  • What Notre Dame needs to do to avoid a letdown against the 1-4 Cardinal
  • Will Jayden Thomas continue to emerge for the Irish
  • Why the defense is struggling more than we expected
  • Tommy Rees’s creative use of the Notre Dame running backs
  • A little bit of news on the recruiting front
  • Why it’s fun that Stanford football is bad at football again

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  1. Remember everybody couldnt wait to get rid of KELLY, well this is what happens wen u replace a top notch coach with a nobody!! can u say jerry faust?? MARSHALL?? 1-4 STANFORD ?? We should never lose to them ever.

    1. Kelly was a cancer. He acted like the buffoon he is in the Swamp yesterday…..yelling at refs, yelling at players, yelling at coaches.

      1. He should have been fired the day that student manager died from that tower falling over..

      2. after the coaches u touted to replace him over the years were all fired from there new jobs , do u think u should b making suggestions or evaluations??

      3. I thought Frost would do well at Nebraska…..wrong, but certainly not alone.
        Other than that one, what names did I mention…for ND, or any any other job….”over the years” ?

        You seem to be one of the “silent know-it-alls” who just haunt messageboards, never having an opinion on anything. Like a lady with genteel upbringing.

        But since the real you just snuck out of the cotillion for a smoke, feel free to keep your mouth shut, toots.

  2. ND looks like the team has no direction. Everytime I look at the QB he reminds me of the look a deer has in headlights. Marcus Frreeman is a supposed defensive guru. Somehow it does not seem the ND knows anything about this. I have watched ND football for many years and tonight was one of the worst games I have seen ND play. ND started out ranked number 5. Now they are ranked behind JAMES MADISON. I am done with them this year. I literally cannot watch ND anymore. The frustration I feel watching them is bad for my heart.

  3. This Notre Dame offense still has Brian Kelly’s stink all over it and will continue to smell as long as Rees is in charge. Worst thing to happen to ND was Rees not following his mentor to LSU. 7-5 or 6-6 is the best ND will do this year.

    On a positive note it was good to see Merriweather get some playing time. Under Kelly he wouldn’t see the field till year three at best.

  4. This team plays soft in South Bend. It also looks ill prepared in each game in South Bend. Thoughts that the limb wristed wokeness of the University are affecting the men come to mind.

    Loss to Marshall a 3-3 team at this point

    Loss to Stanford now 2-4 and likely will be 4-8 at seasons end.

    Technically and preparation wise there are worrying signs.
    The offensive line isn’t blocking well. Saw a lot of diving on the ground in the first half letting a weaker d line get to the backfield. Pass blocking never allowed a good pocket to form. Even when they were engaging there seemed to be times in which the movement was mis timed with the intended ball carrier.
    Receivers never got separation or maybe Pyne can’t see when they do.
    Can Notre Dame recruit a 6-2 or taller QB?
    Worse yet, the head coach isn’t yet understanding the psyche of the team. No real difference or improvement after halftime. As much as I’d hate to see ND losing at half, I’d love to see some come from behind wins knowing that the coaches figured something out at halftime.

    This team needs to isolate itself from the hype and stay focused. Doesn’t seem to be happening

  5. Estime gets two carries in the first 3 quarters of the game, one a 10 yard TD run. If your head coach is too stupid to not play your best back all game, especially when your line outweighs theirs by 50 lbs, there is a serious fn problem. That’s some Brian Kelly s*** right there. Coaching 101, know your talent

  6. Glad we landed Love before offensive football was set back to the 19th century. The fact that Reese must go is as obvious as the fact that Freeman will keep him through 2023.

  7. Tommy rees offense is horrible same plays week after week 2 runs up the middle & pass to MAYER. If FREEMAN is gonna make it he better get a top notch OFF COORDINATOR, KIDS arent excited to play for him or this offense! Rees been there 5 years its not all on kelly for not getting agood qb WHAT HAS REES DONE?

    1. Tommy needs to go. Pyne and Buchner are not the answer. The only hope next year the way I see it is bring in a transfer quarterback and a big time offensive coordinator.

  8. This game is unwatchable. Hard to fathom just how bad ND has become. Fortunately it’s not to late to watch USC vs Utah.

    1. DVR the ND games…because you never know…someday….
      And watch any one of the 3 or 4 best SEC games any Saturday.
      Enjoy being entertained instead of driven crazy.

  9. Put the Vols in the playoff.
    Forget any result of the Georgia game, they’ve earned it as of now.
    They hung 50 on Saban. If not for the Heisman QB, they would have destroyed today.

  10. As long as people are interested in the past, today’s “AFLAC trivia question” had a fun answer:

    Since 2014, how many weeks have 4 SEC teams been ranked in the Top 10?
    ie….comprised nearly HALF of the top of the poll?
    Answer: 45 weeks. In the last 7.5 seasons.

    To the SEC deniers here: Sober up.

  11. Had the call on that paly gone the other way, ND probably would not have made it to the 2013 BCS championship game,
    ….and wouldn’t have been exposed and humiliated on national TV by the Big Boys of Alabama,
    ….and Kelly wouldn’t have a completely fluky coaching credential in his pocket a few years later when he goes 4-8, and would have been fired…instead of making ND look like a complete cuck last year.

    Yup, that sure was a big call.

      1. “Had the call on that play gone the other way…”
        Read the words that are there.
        Then comprehend them.

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