S2E40: Hypothetically Speaking, Notre Dame Landing Sam Hartman Would Be Incredible. That and Gator Bowl Prep

The big news on Tuesday was Pete Thamel’s report that Wake Forest QB Sam Hartman was in the transfer portal with an eye on Notre Dame as his landing spot. We discussed what that would mean for Notre Dame in 2023 if it were to happen since nothing is official, and things can change in an instant in college football these days. We also discussed:

  • Breakout players in the Gator Bowl
  • How Hartman coming in 2023 could impact WR recruiting 
  • A look back at Notre Dame’s team awards in 2022
  • A general tangent on NIL + the transfer portal and the state of college football
  • Predictions for the Gator Bowl 
  • Frank’s horrible holiday travels – or lack thereof because of cancelations 

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