‘If you’re looking, we’re looking’; Charlie Weis Unhappy with Decommitments

Weis’s last quote of today’s press conference was his best. After talking about soft verbal, silent verbals, decommitments, etc; Weis ended with.

“If they’re looking, we’re looking. That’s it.”

I hope Weis holds true to that and pulls a Ferentz and tells kids who want to keep visiting after they “commit” that if they are moving on, so is Notre Dame.

I’ll have plenty more on the blog and on the main site tonight on the 18 kids who did sign their LOI’s for Notre Dame this year.

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  1. I followed this recruiting season very closely , the decommit of Trattou hurts , but if he was 2nd guessing his commitment then I’m glad he didn’t come. This years class is not as deep as next years and since we didn’t give out a full compliment of scholarships, things could get pretty interesting next year. The idea of moving #9 to LB is genius!! We are finally pretty deep at DB. Move T. Thomas back to running back and use at least 3 backs( like everyone else in D-1). I am more excited about this season than last. Now we’ll see how smart our coach is and I can’t wait. 2 1/2 mos. until the blue gold game!! GO IRISH!!

  2. It appears CW is faily talented at recruiting talent and getting them to pay attention to him; it’s the gamesmanship of recruiting he’s still learning. He’ll get better. I just hope he doesn’t keep wearing his heart on his sleeve. Now the competition knows what irks him.

  3. I listened to the press conference (easily accessed through the athletic dept web site) and note that Weis did comment on a defensive switch to the 3-4 and 3-4 personel. The latter he says allows for a more athletic and essentially versatile defense. There is little hope of Zibby moving to LB after hearing this PC. His OL are going to be tweeners (undersized DE, oversized LB). My guess is hat Crum and T. Smith will be the MLBs. I was confused when Weis said the DL was now 3 deep. I cannot count 6 guys I like for the DL for next season. But hey, I am just a fan.

    Weis did say he liked this defensive class because of the versatility. He made some nice comments about Clausen and Kerry Neal. Let’s cross our fingers that more than 60% of this class pan out.

  4. The team we’ll have when Weis’s first 2 classes are juniors and seniors will be a heck of a lot better than the team we had this year(which wasn’t too bad).

    Look it up: This year’s senior, junior and sophomore classes combined for 0 5-star recruits and only 20 4-star recruits. In just 2 years, Weis has gotten 4 5-star recruits and 23 4-star recruits. Not even close and in a year’s less time. ND will be in very good shape before long.

    Also, I agree with Weis’s last comment. You can’t put yourself out there and pamper these kids without expecting committment. I think they learned a lot to help them recruiting next year. I think the Illinois area recruiting will really get a boost when Brown has an entire year to work. Remember he only started a couple weeks ago for God’s sakes.

    I’m excited about this year. I think Weis is going to put the young playmakers on the field, because 1.) he wants playmakers to get the ball to and 2.) he wants to show next years prospects that you can compete for time as a freshman.

    Prince, Armando Allen, Golden Tate, even Kamara, Reuland, etc… will be seeing the field. And those guys excite me. And Corwin Brown’s defense will be a lot better than whatever that was that Minter was running.

    We’re in very good shape.

  5. Totally agree. Still makes me wonder why these recruits are changing their minds about their commentments to Notre Dame. Are the coaches doing something wrong, or is the blame on the recruits?

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