Banquet Weekend Recruiting Visitors

The annual Football Banquet is usually a important weekend for recruiting and this is no exception.  On top of several committed players, who will likely need some reassuring after the week Charlie Weis has had, Notre Dame will host a couple of uncommitted players as well.  Here’s the list of visitors as reported in today’s South Bend Tribune.

  • Davon Custis (DE) – Uncommitted (heavy Boston College lean)
  • Toben Opurum (FB) – Uncommitted
  • Alex Bullard (OG) – Notre Dame verbal
  • Tyler Eifert (TE) – Notre Dame verbal
  • Jake Golic (TE) – Notre Dame verbal
  • Zach Martin (OT) – Notre Dame verbal
  • Dan Fox (LB) – Notre Dame verbal
  • Chris Watt (OG) – Notre Dame verbal

Custis is a key recruit because there aren’t any defensive end recruits in the class and after Custis there aren’t any left on the board for Notre Dame.  Custis said a few weeks back he was 90% sure that he would end up at Boston College, but a weekend on Notre Dame’s campus could always change that.  Getting a DE like Custis sure would be nice and would give us a little momentum after a few rough weeks.

Five star linebacker Jelani Jenkins was at one time scheduled to visit this weekend, but it doesn’t appear as though he is going to be visiting.

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  1. BoB,
    Dont you mean Nick Saban? I just scrolled to the bottom because your name kept coming up nice 30 bulleted points broken up into 3-10 bulleted sections. LoL WoW. I am hoping Monti Teo (spell) comes cause sounds like CW has spent a lot of time with him.

  2. frank,
    1. we thank you for the information on the 2008 football banquet.
    2. it is nice to see what recruits are coming officially.
    3. does the fact that a recruit is not officially announced as comming to the banquet mean that he and his family have crossed notre dame off his list?
    4. hell no!!
    5. some high schools are still playing football.
    6. some recruits and their families, including a number that are currently verbal commits to other schools, would like to avoid the media glare of the football banquet and see notre dame on their own and quietly, without anyone, aside from the coaches and team members even knowing that they are at notre dame.
    7. still others,and their families, who live very far away from notre dame and who have already made official visits to notre dame simply cannot afford to pay for the trip and ncaa rules permit notre dame to pick up the tabs for only one official visit.
    8. and, among others, who is speaking at the banquet and announcing his conviction that charlie and his staff and the members of notre dame’s 2008 team are the firm foundation of very near future and ongoing notre dame bcs and national championship teams? joe theismann.
    9. did joe theismann do some careful research on the facts,meet the members of notre dame’s 2008 team, and watch some game films after that last negative statement he made to the media about the state of notre dame football and charlie and his staff?
    10. we understand that joe theismann did actually do each of the above and reached an informed decision.

    we thank frank and his associates at for making uhnd the only notre dame fan site worth looking at,

    robert thomas patrick gilleran

  3. What, Jenkins isn’t going to be there???? That absolutely stinks. If he’s not on campus there is no way he’s committing. BOOOOOOOOOO

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