Manti Te’o Sporting News Prep Athlete of the Year

The Sporting News named Manti Te’o it’s Prep Athlete of the Year.  Te’o, the top prospect left on the board for Notre Dame this year is said to still be open to Notre Dame, UCLA, Stanford, BYU, and USC.

Sporting News had this interesting tidbit in their write up about who Te’o thinks his play resembles.

On the NFL player whose style he resembles: “I think I’m kind of like the middle linebacker for the 49ers, Patrick Willis. The way he goes to the ball and how quick he is to the ball, you know he really wants to make all the plays that he can. I try to be like Ray Lewis, but I don’t think I deliver the boom as well as he can. My favorite player is actually Ray Lewis. I watch him all the time. His leadership, the way he gathers up his players and helps to direct them. He’s an example of what hard work can accomplish.”

Umm… I guess I would take either a Ray Lewis or Patrick Willis in the middle of the defense should Te’o commit to Notre Dame eventually.

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