Here We Go Again? Pollard to Visit UCLA?

A few weeks back one of the LA Daily News kept saying that Notre Dame commitment Tyler Stockton was supposed visiting UCLA, but the story turned out to be untrue and the visit never happened.  Now the LA Times is reporting that Marlon Pollard is visiting UCLA.

UCLA isn’t shying away from going after a couple of USC football commits. This weekend, Birmingham receiver De’Von Flournoy and Cathedral receiver Randall Carroll are scheduled to take a recruiting visit to Westwood.

Also joining them is a former UCLA commit, safety Marlon Pollard from Cajon, who changed his mind and committed to Notre Dame.

We’ll see if this story has more fire behind it than the Stockton rumors from a few weeks ago over the next several days.  Pollard is the only true corner in this class and losing him would indeed be a big loss in this class.

We haven’t had good luck the past few Januarys with decommitments from the likes of Justin Trattou, Chris Little, Greg Little, and Omar Hunter the past two recruiting cycles.  Let’s hope Pollard ends up sticking with the Irish.

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  1. Everybody likes to point out what a great recruiter Weis is, but he’s only brought in a full capacity class once (2006).

    2006: 28/28 spots filled
    2007: 18/25 spots filled
    2008: 23/27 spots filled
    2009: 17/23 spots filled (so far)

    Sure the quality of the average recruit has gone up since Weis took over, but throw in the defections and it’s like we’re on self-imposed probation. Has Weis ever had a team with even 80 out of the 85 allowed scholarship players?

    If we took 6 additional 3-star players right now, wouldn’t at least 1 or 2 crack the two deep by senior year and make this a better team?

  2. Don’t know if anyone noticed…but is reporting that he has in fact committed to UCLA…this is not good..not good at all

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