Pollard Officially to UCLA

There had been some late rumblings that Marlon Pollard might switch back to Notre Dame on Signing Day, but those rumors appear to have been shot down.  The Sun from San Bernadino had some quotes from Pollard on officially turning down Notre Dame and sticking with UCLA.

It was finally made official late Monday afternoon. Rachael Pollard, mother of Cajon High School senior cornerback Marlon Pollard, called Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis and Notre Dame defensive coordinator Corwin Brown to tell them thanks, but no thanks.

The only thing left to do for Marlon Pollard is sign his letter of intent to UCLA, which he will do at 9 a.m. today in Cajon athletic director Rich Imbriani’s office along with running back Walter Kazee (San Diego State) and offensive lineman Daron Griffin (Southern Utah). Then he can totally release every emotion that has built up since the summer of 2007.

“It’s just a relief,” Pollard said. “I just can’t wait for it to be completely over. I enjoyed it and I’m thankful for it, because a lot of kids my age never get a chance to do it, but it was long and tiring at times.”

It was a long shot for Notre Dame to end up with his signature today, but with the way today is shaping up, it would have been nice to be on the receiving end of one of these last minute decisions.

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