How Academic Scandal Is Affecting Notre Dame Recruiting recruiting analyst Allen Trieu joins Campus Insiders’ Shae Peppler to discuss how the Notre Dame academic investigation is affecting recruiting now and in the future.

(Note: disregard the line about Notre Dame potentially losing four starters since Kendall Moore was not considered to have any chance to start but focus on what Trieu has to say about what he’s been hearing on the recruiting front the last few days).

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  1. Ron, don’t forget the lesson we learned there; no
    Matter what the odds on any given day we can overcome all and win; ask jimmy Johnson or Kareem Abdul Jabar
    Now they have something to prove tonight for go

  2. I mostly feel bad for bj. Between this and the fake grass the poor guy probably just can’t take anymore.

  3. If Notre Dame can win this year recruiting will take care of itself as it always has. If Brian Kelly can rally his players and somehow finish with a 10-2 record everything will be fine but if we finish at 8-4 we will lose some players I feel.

    Notre Dame simply can’t afford to give outsiders any more ammo that can be used against us on the recruiting trail. Mike Frank tonight on his show said that schools like Florida would rather see players go to Florida St or Miami instead of Notre Dame and he is right. Notre Dame offers the best of both worlds in regard to playing big time football and a degree that open doors. If Brian Kelly can get this program where they are pumping out 10 win seasons on the regular this program will out recruit any other school including the heavyweights down south. Those programs down south know this as well.

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