Jordan Pouncey – Junior Year Highlights


Notre Dame picked up its 12th commitment for the class of 2017 on Saturday in the form of wide receiver Jordan Pouncey – its second in as many days during this year’s Irish Invasion.  Pouncey, a second cousin of the Pouncey twins who starred at Florida before moving on to the NFL, spurred his home state program for the Irish to become the first wide receiver in this year’s class.

Pouncey comes to Notre Dame as a bit of a raw prospect with just 15 receptions as a junior.  Pouncey racked up over 30 yards a catch on those 15 receptions though.  Here’s a look at the type of game breaking ability Pouncey possesses as he heads into his senior season (with some comments and thoughts below).

  • First thing to keep in mind here is that Winter Park did win a state title last year with Pouncey and current Notre Dame freshman Parker Boudreaux so they are indeed better than their competition.
  • Even with that into account, it’s hard not to look at Pouncey and how easily he runs by literally everyone on the field.
  • Some of the plays Pouncey is making are very reminisient of the plays we saw out of Will Fuller in 2014.  Fuller made a living in 2014 on those quick hitters and then exploding through the opposing defense.  He didn’t do as much of that in 2015 since he was usually too busy getting completely behind the defense, but Pouncey certainly looks like he has the potential to fill that role at some point.
  • Even in some limited action, Pouncey did show some ability to high point the ball and make some tough catches.  Most of his catches, however, come when he is wide open.
  • On defense, it’s easy to see why schools like Florida and Alabama offered him as a corner.  He’s got some great closing speed and his athletic ability is off the charts.

Pouncey looks like a stereotypical wide receiver recruit under Brian Kelly in the Will Fuller and Kevin Stepherson mold – raw, fast wide receivers with a lot of room to grow.  Kelly has done very well with these types of wide receivers his entire career (remember Antonio Brown was recruited by Kelly to Central Michigan although he never played under him after Kelly left for Cincinnati).  That is no guarantee that Pouncey will become an All-American at Notre Dame, but he certainly looks like he has the tools to be a dangerous wide receiver in the Irish offense if he continues to develop.

It will be interesting to see how much better, if much, Pouncey’s numbers are during his senior season.  Winter Park will be starting a new quarterback this year so there’s no guarantee that he will see a huge jump in production depending on the level of play Winter Park gets out of a green quarterback this year.  Regardless, there is a lot to be excited about by watching Pouney’s junior tape.

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