Notre Dame RB Commit Kyren Williams Makes Highlight Reel Play

Notre Dame class of 2019 running back commitment Kyren Williams made one of the plays of the week last week.  The kind of play that regardless of his competition level, offense, or anything else that should get Notre Dame fans pretty excited.

In the play, seen below, Williams hauls in a pass from out of the backfield, completely jukes a defender out of the play, then proceeds to just run over a poor, hapless defender trying to slow him down on his way to a touchdown.

The play shows almost Williams’ entire versatile skillset in just a few seconds – soft hands, athleticism to make someone miss, and then the power to run someone over.  In one play Williams shows why he is a perfect running back for the offense Notre Dame wants to run.

Back when Williams committed to Notre Dame in June there were more “highly” rated running backs on the board according to recruiting services. There weren’t, however, any more highly rated backs on the board for the Notre Dame coaching staff at the time.  Plays like this make it easy to see why.

After Williams commitment, Greg wrote that Williams could bounce off of contact easily.  “He reminds me a lot of Golden Tate the way he’s able to absorb contact and brush it off, like ‘obviously this little tackle attempt on me isn’t going to work’,” he wrote.  Clearly little tackle attempts will not work on Williams.

Hopefully we see a lot more plays like this one for the next 4 years from Williams once he arrives on campus next year.

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  1. Karamello – The hit looked clean to me! He led with the shoulder…textbook…just like we were taught way back in gradeschool! “Casey lowered the boom,” as the old Glee Club song goes. I’m not sure what the defender was trying to do though!

    BGC ’77 ’82

  2. Really like this kid. That juke reminded me of Riddick. Need more guys like this. Funny…that hit should be illegal if defenders cant do it.

    But I love his attitude.

  3. The first juke will work in high school, not in college. When he runs over the Stanford linebackers, I’ll be impressed. I agree he looks 20-30 lbs light.

    1. Shut up…dude is in HS. When he runs over Stanford linebackers. Which HS RB ran over college backers
      while they were still playing in HS. Who cares if you’re not impressed.
      And the first juke was reminiscent of Theo Riddick who did the same kinda of stuff in college…
      Frikin move on if you’re not impressed with HS clips.

    1. 30 pounds??? To play on the next level?

      Golden Tate weighs 195-200 now. Theo Riddick 210-215. They’ve probably gained 20lbs over the past 7-10yrs and you want
      this kid to put on 30lbs…in the next 2-3!?

      Some of y’all are crazy.

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