First Look at Notre Dame Football’s 2021 Early Enrollees on Campus

Notre Dame welcomed 14 early enrollee freshmen and one graduate transfer today for the first time. I previewed the offensive recruits earlier today and have a post on the defensive early entrants in the works. Notre Dame gave us a look at the group in the Notre Dame locker room all together for the first time already though.

From left to right that is: Caleb Johnson (OL), Ron Powlus III (QB), Ryan Barnes (CB), Mitchell Evans (TE), Will Schweitzer (DE), Gabriel Rubio (DT), Lorenzo Styles (WR), Devin Aupiu (DE), Rocco Spindler (OG), Philip Riley (CB), Blake Fisher (OT), Jack Coan (QB – grad-transfer), Cane Berrong (TE), Tyler Buchner (QB), and Justin Walters (S).

This is the biggest group of early enrollees Notre Dame has ever accepted in a single year. This was also the first time many of them were able to meet in person given the travel/visit restrictions due to the pandemic. It will be even more important than ever for Notre Dame with their early enrollees given how little some of them were able to even see campus during the recruiting process.

Some of the early enrollees have started sharing some pictures of themselves on campus today as well.

Here is offensive lineman Rocco Spindler in the locker room.

And here’s fellow offensive lineman Blake Fisher

And yet another offensive lineman, Caleb Johnson, seen moving into his dorm.

Gabriel Rubio posted this from the Notre Dame locker room.

Wisconsin graduate-transfer Jack Coan outside the Notre Dame locker room

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  1. My goodness these lockers and facilities need to upgraded ASAP. It is borderline embarrassing compared the other programs.

    1. Dope lockers are the key to championships. This is the nuance that hurts ND.
      Saban gets it…I hear Bama even has a few guest lockers, reserved for platinum patrons.

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