Golson’s Senior Year Highlights Impressive

A new highlight reel of quarterback commitment Everett Golson has been posted to YouTube and this one is much more impressive than the previous videos of the dual threat QB.

Golson’s senior year highlights show improvements in multiple areas.  First off, he looks faster more elusive in the pocket.  More importantly though, he looks more polished as a passer and shows a stronger arm.  Golson showed a pretty arm as a junior, but in his senior year film there is a lot more zip on his passes.


A couple of notes:

  • Check out the pass around the 1:30 mark.  Golson lets it go at his own 47 and hits a receiver in stride in the corner of the end zone.
  • Golson can run, but he is pass first quarterback and his eyes are always downfield.
  • Kelly is going to need to work on ball security with Golson.  He lets the ball out in the open a lot when he runs/scrambles.
  • At 4:24 Golson makes another great downfield throw.  The ball travels about 45 yards in the air and is delivered on a line.

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  1. Hey fellow-Domers…this young man is SICK! I can’t wait. Now BK has to figure-out how to tell the other 35 QB’s he’s recruited they’re not in ND’s plans. Good luck, BK.

  2. All i can say is WOW!!!! This kid is the whole package. Does anyone know if he is playing in the us army or the under armor game? id love to see him against some top tier talent.

  3. The previous highlight clips from this kid didn’t leave me overly impressed. This one really shows his maturation as a senior. I look forward to the added dimension our offense will have when he joins the team. That being said, I think everyone needs to slow down a little bit in proclaiming him the second coming who will take over right away. Don’t forget the Crist was a 5 star and Hendrix a 4 star with big upside.

  4. Oh. My. God.

    I take back what I said earlier, about him looking like Troy Smith. The way he moves, runs, COMPLETELY reminds me of Charlie Ward. We’ll have to see if he does what Smith and Ward did – win the Heisman and NC. But there is no way Crist, Rees, Hendrix or anyone else on the roster has this talent. They just don’t.

    Pocket presence. Elusiveness. Ability to run. Rocket arm. Pinpoint accuracy on the short and long ball.

    This kid is special.

    1. What I was most impressed by was that he can throw from the pocket, throw moving left or right on the run, and off both the front and back foot and still keep serious zip on the ball. Also a very quick Farve type gunslinger release. Looks like Rees and co. better put out their best or they may be looking at some pine time.

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