Shades of Kyren Williams: Notre Dame RB Commit Jayden Limar’s Junior Film

Notre Dame's latest RB commitment has a lot of similarities in his game to Notre Dame's most recent star running back.

Notre Dame picked up a big commitment earlier this week when 4-star running back Jayden Limar committed to Notre Dame over Michigan among others. Watching his junior year film, it’s easy to see why ISD’s Jamie Uyeyama compared him to Kyren Williams recently.

A few things really stand out with Limar:

  • He’s a hell of a receiver out of the backfield, including a great sideline grab in traffic about 3/4 of the way through the film. He has a knack for slipping out of the backfield and taking some slip screen type plays for big gains.
  • He’s not going to win any foot races with a back like Chris Tyree, but neither did Williams. That said, he makes great cuts in space and finds an extra burst to accelerate away from defenders.
  • He’s also got a knack for knowing when a defender does have an angle on him and he can’t just out run him to the endzone and shows great ability to cut without losing speed to make it to the endzone anyway.
  • He’s a really strong finisher near the goal line just like Williams was.

Notre Dame got a really good back in Jayden Limar. A back who can do a lot of things in the Notre Dame offense similar to how Kyren Williams did a lot fo things really well for Notre Dame. Time will tell if Limar is able to do the same things he’s doing now on the college field the way Williams did. Williams had the kind of vision and balance that is impossible to teach and incredibly difficult to replicate. There are a lot of similarities between Limar and Williams’ games though.

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