Mike Sanford Talks Notre Dame Quarterbacks

WatchND’s Jack Nolan caught up with Notre Dame quarterbacks coach Mike Sanford yesterday to talk about one of the country’s most interesting positions battles.  Here’s what he had to say about the battle going on between Deshone Kizer and Malik Zaire.

  • Sanford mentions the old adage of “if you have two quarterbacks you don’t have any” stating it couldn’t be further from the truth for Notre Dame right now.
  • Sanford reiterated what Kelly said earlier in camp that the offense evolved to fit Kizer’s skill sets but the staff has spent camp working on how the offense would have evolved under Zaire if he never got hurt last year.
  • Sanford mentioned the quarterbacks needing to be on the same page with the young wide receivers by the end of camp.
  • It is really easy to see why Sanford is considered one of the hottest names among the up and coming assistant coaches when he talked about how he works with Kelly and Mike Denbrock.  Not only does Sanford know his X’s and O’s, but he is a polished speaker and answers questions intelligently and thoughtfully.

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  1. “They’re (receivers are) young, but they’re SO stinkin’ talented.” That is a genius speaking. “Stinkin'” is an awesome sub for any F-word. (including friggin’, frickin’, or that Trump-word) And Brad? (first entry) I agree completely. He’ll probably escape somewhere to develop a résumé, but keep-track of this guy. “He’s a keeper.” (as if fishing)

  2. This guy needs the keys to the “offense” car and needs to be allowed to drive it and Kelly should be HC/CEO and get out of his way or Mike will be leaving for a better deal.

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