Notre Dame Fall Camp ’16: Day 5 Video

Notre Dame was in full pads for the first time yesterday for their final day at Culver Academy.  Here’s the video and notes below.

  • Hell of a catch by KJ Stepherson in the corner of the endzone over Julian Love
  • Nice to see Nyles Morgan getting in the quarterbacks face and stuffing out a pass
  • Equanimeous St. Brown gets open downfield on Troy Pride for a nice catch. Can’t tell who threw it based on the video, but there was perfect ball placement there.
  • Oh yeah Malik Zaire made another play with his legs. Zaire can be a nightmare for a defense if unleashed.
  • Pride gets some revenge for getting beat earlier with a nice INT off a deflection.
  • Great hands by Tony Jones Jr out of the backfield. He came in with the rep of being a big, bruising running back but if he can be a good receiver as well that’s a huge bonus
  • Great catch by Chase Claypool. AGAIN. Looks like this kid could play early. I thought he might be too raw coming in but it’s going to be hard to keep him off the field.
  • Nice hustle by Cole Luke to cause a fumble at the end, but Javon McKlinley has to finish off that catch and run. Something tells me Mike Denbrock had a word or two for the rookie WR after that.

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