Notre Dame HC Marcus Freeman on the Dan Patrick Show: “I Didn’t Want to Make the Same Mistake Twice”

New Notre Dame head coach Marcus Freeman continued to rounds of national radio and TV shows on Monday in advance of his official press conference later this afternoon. This morning he was on the Dan Patrick Show for a 10-minute interview (embedded here) talking about taking the job at Notre Dame and why he didn’t want to make the same mistake he made in high school – not going to Notre Dame – twice with the head coaching job. Another great interview from Notre Dame’s new head coach.

  • Freeman said that of all the things they needed to have happen on Saturday, there was no way he could root against Cincinnati since he recruited a lot of those players.
  • He confirmed that Brian Kelly did want him as DC and he thought about it, but then Notre Dame started talking about the head coach job and that was it. The last time he spoke to Kelly was last Monday – the night the news broke – and said that Kelly texted him congratulations when he got the gig.
  • He reiterated his recruiting pitch that he gave on the ESPN College Football bowl show about what Notre Dame can do for recruits in football and life.
  • He said he doesn’t care about moving into the head coach office yet and is still working in his old office. He reiterated he has work to do, but will move over eventually.
  • Freeman talked about picking Ohio State over Notre Dame when he was a high school recruit and told Jack Swarbrick that he didn’t want to make the same mistake twice with taking the head coaching job at Notre Dame.

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One Comment

  1. What a class act!
    What a difference!
    Feeling absurd optimism, a long time coming.
    And the teams’ reaction to Coach Balis introducing NDs “new coach”
    will be included in Freeman’s legacy.
    What was going to “likely be a long process” by Swarbick was over in about 30 hours and that selection will be Swarbick’s crowning decision in his tenure.
    Pay HCMF twice as much as BK
    with a public pronouncement “We found somebody worth that money!”
    Go Irish . . .

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