Notre Dame Xs and Os | How Irish Failed the Numbers Game vs. Marshall

ISD’s Jamie Uyeyama and Greg Flammang talked about the impact of Tyler Buchner’s injury and many other topics on the latest Hit & Hustle. They also talked a lot about how Notre Dame failed the numbers game against Marshall while the Thundering Herd passed the same test over and over.

The common trend of thought has been that Notre Dame’s offensive line is just getting beat upfront, but in many cases, it’s not missed assignments or a lack of effort – it’s running into situations where the defense simply has more defenders than Notre Dame has blockers.

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  1. It’s pretty simple…8 in the box vs your 5 or 6 blockers. Hmm. Who is going to win?

    Also, Marshall had 24 transfers this year? Holy! One being the 5 star RB that was a stud. For real that Laborn kid was really good. Why can’t we get a kid like that? We should have pursued Caleb Williams and the Gabriel kid from UCF. When you have a lesser talented team at key positions, go to the portal and get the studs available. It’s just the way college football is now.

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