Video Breakdown of Notre Dame Passing Game Against Ohio State

Greg Flammang gives a breakdown of Notre Dame’s passing game against Ohio State for Irish Sports Daily. Notre Dame didn’t ask Sam Hartman to do too much in the game as most of the plays were single read plays designed for specific receivers. Notre Dame did not threaten Ohio State much vertically at all while relying on a game plan centered around converting long drives.

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  1. “Notre Dame didn’t ask Sam Hartman to do too much in the game”
    (edit recommendation: remove the word “too”)

    D’uh! The biggest waste of the most significant positional advantage ND has had…in many years.
    Coaching malpractice.

    1. Add that decision to pulling Estime and completely ignoring Tyree and you have another embarrassing loss on the national stage.

    2. They also forget to teach him to get beyond the first down marker on 4th and 1 early in first Qtr when they decided to pass on FG attempt. Pretty big blunder on Hartman imo but even bigger on Freeman for not taking the 3 points.

      1. Yes, Jeff, Hartman certainly is a true disppointment in that department.

        Not being a “I’m going to risk my body running full tilt into that oncoming meatblock” for 4 extra inches that even the G.D. reffing crew didn’t think he needed, let alone himself.

        And bediseds doing what he likely thought was 100% not needed at all, he should certainly have risked both his swan song college season and left his team with Steve Angelli finishing the season. Absolutely.

      2. Get the fucking first down. Don’t tip toe out of bounds. Hartman is the best QB ND has had in like 30 plus years. But he needed to get past that first down marker and he didn’t because he chose to shy away from some contact.

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