Green Isn’t the Only Major Difference in Notre Dame’s Jersey for Cal Game

Notre Dame announced they would be wearing green jerseys for the Cal game over the summer as part of this year’s “Irish Wear Green” week. On Thursday, though, they tweeted out pictures of the green jerseys the Irish will wear and the green isn’t the only major difference as they look for their first win under Marcus Freeman. Notre Dame will also have names on the their jerseys this weekend – something usually only reserved for bowl games.

The reaction to jerseys is about as expected. There are people upset they are wearing green at all. There are people upset that there are names on the jerseys. There are people upset that the names are in white, but the numbers are in blue. Then there’s a small contingent of fans on Twitter who just like them – a novel idea.

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Count me in the contingent of those that like them. I have always liked these versions of the green jerseys with blue numbers, but I also LOVE the blue-on-green look in general for Notre Dame gear. I realize that might not be the most popular take, but hey, I like what I like.

As for the names on the jerseys, Notre Dame being 0-2 at the moment is likely the driving force behind the pushback from some fans. The decision to have the names on the jerseys came long before Notre Dame started the season 0-2, though, so it wasn’t like Notre Dame was going to change them given the start.

Given how bad the Irish have started the season, if Notre Dame wins this weekend, there will probably be a groundswell of support for Notre Dame to keep wearing them just like they did in 1977. When Dan Devine surprised his team with green jerseys after they warmed up in classic blue jerseys. After his squad blew out the Trojans 49-19, he had them wear green the rest of the season on their way to the national championship.

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  1. The last of ND traditions gone……..and on a “Costume Day”, just for good measure.
    Marketing ND nostalgia might make lots of money, but going back to playing excellent football might deliver a good return, too.

  2. And he added names to the jerseys for the subsequent years Dan rarely cared much for criticism of a decision he’d already made. Why waste time, right? But he would listen before a decision was made

    As I wrote earlier, if we are to be a wearing the Green for the free speech Bears of Berkley, and in honor of DD, Coach Freeman needs to do some GREEN WOKE. .not before the game as a pep talk, but as IRISH History, especially appropriate given Margerite the Great of the Realm’s skillful and caring interactions with the Irish, quite different than Jonathan Swift’s satiracal depiction of the Crown

    PS: George Oliver Curme 4 (Ollie)
    Holy Cross brothers and priests taught us satire as schoolboys, then told us not to use in this age because people would take it literally! Funny, is it not, cousin?

    BGC 77 82

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