Hit & Hustle: Cam Hart Returns and Notre Dame Football’s Portal Needs

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  1. The hold college football has on its frans is unique. No other sport enjoyed such constant drama and importance for its entire regular season schedule.

    So they just flushed that down the toilet.
    After how carelessly they ‘redesigned” something as truly magical as the New Year’s Day bowls, no surprise.

    As long as y’all fixate on the word “college”, and not the word “money” it’ll all be fine.

    1. David: I agree completely. In the past
      we have been able to compete within our own, typically more narrow, transfer requirements, and admission and academic requirements. No NC since 1988, but we’ve had our ND Moments.
      These changes though (the portal and paying players) are so dramatically different, and “sport-changing” that our Administrators really need to look at where we should, should not, and cannot go. Need to do it now.

      BGC 77 82

  2. ‘Transfer portal’ is just a spin tem for free agency.
    So that America can prolong it’s long-running self-delusion that college sports is about sometihng greater than just money.

    “We now take a moment to honor today’s scholar athlete….Johnny has a 3.7 GPA, majoring in Human Endeavors.”

    1. We need to worry less about the University’s reasons for wanting to put together an elite football program, and worry more about their failure to do it

      Everything the University does, including its Catholic Mission, has become about money. That doesn’t diminish it in any way, and isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

      The money sometimes flows when you’re doing something well.

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