Zach Auguste Out Indefinitely For Notre Dame Basketball

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  1. They are recruiting the wrong kinds of kids? Did they go to catholic schools. Do they know about god, morals, and honesty? Kelly and brey can’t they find any honest kids?

  2. Notre Dame standards have not dropped. For the standards to drop, they would allow and accept this behavior. Notre Dame does not! Notre Dame is one school that steps in and addresses the issue immediately, regardless of the effect it has on the sports teams involved. Love Thee Notre Dame!

  3. Maybe their standards have dropped, but the main culprit is the slap on the wrist for cheating. Look at Golson for example. He cheats, so he hurts his team-mates for the season he’s suspended. He runs off though to train with a QB guru and then returns to the fold and is handed the starting job without any real competition.

    Human nature is other kids see this, they say hey, the punishment isn’t that bad, maybe I’ll take the risk of getting caught..

    If you expel cheaters pretty soon the kids will figure out the risk is not worth it.
    There is no shame in flunking but cheating is a whole different ball game. Cheating is a serious character flaw.

    ND better address this quick or it will get worse.

  4. Definitely not good. Last year it was Jerian Grant. The men’s BB team was looking up, beating NC and then taking #3 Virginia down to the wire. Not sure how they will cope as they don’t have a deep bench. They did beat GT but ACC basketball is a grind.

    I think ND needs to take a look at it’s athletic programs, particularly with football and mens basketball, where a lot of the problems seem to be occurring. Is it that there standards have dropped? Is it that some of these players just need extra assistance with classes while playing? I think ND needs to take a good look at it’s programs so these issues don’t keep recurring.

  5. Wow, what the heck is going on at ND. I cannot remember a time when the sports program was hit with so many academic violations, whether they are for cheating or just poor grades. Football was hit hard by cheating and now basketball, losing their number 2 man, certainly can’t help. There must be a reason. Could it be that ND has lowered its standards and started letting in kids that can’t do the work or are of lesser moral standards then in the past? Someone needs to look into the problem and correct it. Obviously the cheating whether or not its going on in other colleges is the most disturbing. Many of the athletes seem to think they are their as a steeping stone to pro sports. Unfortunately very few ever make it to that level. At least if you had a degree from ND, it was worth something! Now many aren’t even getting that, not necessarily due to lack of athletic prowess but because they are cheaters or just not smart enough to get through their classes. The admitting office needs to do a better job of weeding out the unsavory kids that should be going to Florida State, Miami or some other lesser academic college. Go ND!

  6. lol it really is unbelievable. Impossible to win championships when one of your best players in Basketball goes down. This year would’ve been special

  7. Old news! A star of the football/basketball team is suspended for some academic indiscretion.
    Let me guess . . . at least two semesters, regardless of what it was, of which we’ll never know.

    The more things change, the more they remain the same at ‘ol du Lac.
    The only surprise each year with each team is who, not if.
    Business as unusual.

    1. gee they expect him to get a passing grade, isn’t that terrible. they should compromise the educational standard of all the rest of the students so they can have a winning team. after all that is the purpose of college.

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