Brady Quinn, Brandon Hoyte Named Irish Captains for 2005

Notre Dame, Ind (UHND) — Notre Dame junior quarterback Brady Quinn and senior linebacker Brandon Hoyte were named captains for the 2005 season this week by new head coach Charlie Weis, a change from the week by week captains the Irish had used under Ty Willingham.

Quinn and Hoyte were picked after a team vote and will serve as team captains every week. In addition to Brady and Brandon, a special teams player will be picked each week by coaches Pollian and Parmalee to join the two as captain for the week.

Last season Notre Dame’s captains were picked on a week to week basis and were announced by Willingham the week leading up to the game.

Another change came from Charlie Weis in terms of team leadership as well by establishing an Irish Football House of Representatives. These positions were picked by team vote as well and have a representative from each position. Victor Abiamiri (DL), Anthony Fasano (TE), D.J. Fitzpatrick (ST), Corey Mays (LB), Rhema McKnight (WR), Rashon Powers-Neal (RB), Brady Quinn (QB), Dan Stevenson (OL) and Tom Zbikowski (DB).

All of these players as well as captains Hoyte and Quinn make what Weis is calling the 2005 Leadership Committee.

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