Notre Dame OC Mike Haywood Mentioned for Minnesota Vacancy

Offensive coordinator Mike Haywood’s name has been popping up as a possible replacement for Glen Mason who was fired at Minnesota’s historic collapse against Texas Tech this bowl season.

From today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune

6. Michael Haywood, Notre Dame offensive coordinator

A former Gophers graduate assistant, he has risen through the ranks and has worked under some high-profile coaches (Nick Saban, Mack Brown and Charlie Weis).

Notre Dame fans should get used to seeing Haywood’s name pop up in coaching searches because he is a very well respected young coach with a lot of promise. Haywood has coached under some great coaches and has moved up the ladder fairly quickly.

With Notre Dame being Haywood’s alma mater, I think we’ll see Haywood for a few more seasons, but that won’t stop his name from popping up in searches at schools like Minnesota.

Also mentioned in the article was USC Recruiting Coordinator Lane Kiffin.

1 Lane Kiffin, USC

Kiffin is an intriguing candidate. He graduated from Bloomington Jefferson and said earlier this week that he would love to raise his family here. He has coached in college football’s premier program the past six years and knows what it takes to perform under pressure.

Kiffin also is USC’s recruiting coordinator and is considered one of college football’s top recruiters. That surely is appealing to Minnesota officials who have talked openly about the need to energize recruiting efforts and hold on to the best in-state talent.

Kiffin’s age — 31 — might concern some people, but it should not be a paralyzing factor. He has watched and helped Carroll build USC into a powerhouse. He has the blueprint and energy to jump-start the Gophers program.

Notre Dame has had a nice recruiting connection in Minnesota the last few years with players like Rashon Powers-Neal, John Carlson, Matt Carufel, and Trevor Laws which would make Kiffin in Minnesota a little worrisome for Notre Dame fans due to Kiffin’s recruiting prowess.

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