The NCAA Can’t Add – Samardzija Removed From Consensus All American Team

Last week it was announced that Jeff Samardzija was named to the consensus All American team for the second year in a row. Yesterday, however, the geniuses over at the NCAA realized they made a calculation error and that announced Samardzija was not on the team.

Oops. It seems un-congratulations are in order. Last week, the NCAA notified Notre Dame that receiver Jeff Samardzija had earned consensus All America honors. Tuesday, the NCAA sent out another e-mail, this one stating that an error in doing the calculations had mistakenly put Samardzija on the list. After re-calculation, Samardzija, who was first team All America only on the Football Writers Association of America team, was bumped. “Terrible mistake,” the e-mail from the NCAA said. (Chicago Tribune)

Nice job by the NCAA here. I mean honestly, how hard can it be to determine who is a consensus All American and who isn’t? This isn’t rocket science we’re talking about. An idiot with a simple excel spreadsheet should be able put together this team.

You would also think that the NCAA was admit their error but not take the honor away from Samardzija after handing it out last week. I guess they did the honorable thing though by sending out an email – that was classy.

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