Charlie Weis Tells Crennel to Trade Up For Brady Quinn

brady-quinn-blog.jpgCharlie Weis and Romeo Crennel both won three Super Bowls as coordinators for the Patriots and now Weis is telling his friend Crennel, who is the head coach of the Browns, to trade up from the 3rd position to draft Brady Quinn.

“I’ve met Brady, and he’s a fine young man,” Crennel said Friday at the NFL scouting combine. “I know the guy who coaches Brady, and Brady has had a lot of success since he’s been in their system. I know that Brady is a good quarterback. Charlie told me that he’s really good, and we should trade up to get him.”

You have to love the job Weis does in promoting his kids to NFL teams. Some people like to try and downplay Weis’s NFL connections (like Ron Zook), but his connections to the NFL definitely shouldn’t be overlooked and if the Browns do end up taking Quinn 4th overall I can’t help but think it would be a major help in recruiting.

“Hey five star wide receiver, did you notice that Brady just got drafted by my close friend Romeo Crennel with the 3rd pick in the draft? Or that Corey Mays and Dan Stevenson ended up in the Patriots camp last year after being undrafted?”

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  1. I have been a Browns fan for 38 years, and if they pass on Quinn, I will be rooting for The Colts from here on. Quinn to Win!

  2. There has been some speculation here in the Twin Cities that Brady might be available for the Vikings with the #7 pick. Quite a few of the sports writers here have been saying what an excellent pickup that would be for the Vikes. We sure could use a franchise QB. Heres hoping he is still available so I can continue to watch him play. I would certainly keep my season tickets.

  3. The Browns won the coin toss over Tampa Bay for the 3rd pick in round 1. I would be surprised to see them try and trade up from #3 when Brady will likely be there for them at that spot since everyone seems so convinced that Russell is going #1 to the Raiders and Thomas is going #2 to the Lions. Although I would love for Brady to be the #1 pick, I doubt the Browns would give up later picks just to move up two spots.

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