Jeff Samardzija Launches Official Website

jeff-samardzija.jpgAfter reading my post below about the cast of receivers trying to take over the starting receiver spots left vacated by the graduations of Jeff Samardzija and Rhema McKnight, take a look at the new Jeff Samardzija official website that launched yesterday.

The site has a blog, message board, mail bag, and a bunch of interesting info on Jeff. Take a look around, there’s some good information on there and from the sound of it, Jeff plans on being pretty involved with the site and interacting with the fans…

“Every day I’ll stop in and create a new blog during the week, and every couple weeks take on some of your questions from the mailbag page. In all honesty feel free to use the site to its ability. Fire away on the message board and get in those questions on the mailbag page, but try to keep the questions to one per person.”

We’ll do our best here at UHND to keep up on Jeff’s career with the Cubs, but for daily updates, check out the blog on the site.

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