Thanks Brady, Give the NFL Hell

No matter how you feel about Quinn’s performances at Notre Dame this past year, as a Notre Dame fan your heart has to go out to Quinn today. First he had to deal with being the last player in the green room and deal and the embarrassment of falling all the way down to the 22nd pick, but the financial impact of his tumble is enormous. Hopefully it won’t be long before Quinn makes the Raiders, Lions, Vikings, and especially Dolphins strongly regret not drafting him.

Here’s a YouTube highlight reel of Quinn showcasing Quinn’s best plays for 2006…

This just in… word is that Ted Ginn Jr fell down trying to weave in and out of people at the airport on his way to Miami….. I kid, I kid….

And just for fun, here’s a clip of a quarterback who isn’t clutch, can’t lead a team, and who isn’t accurate.

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  1. Listen brady quinn never played more than three quarters against the Service Academies and he never threw more than three touchdowns! He played three of them so there is nine touchdowns. How do you account for the other 26 touchdowns compared to just 5 INTs? his team around him was horrible. His runningback was undrafted, One receiver is playing baseball and the other was undrafted, there was a runningback starting at linebacker. O and another thing is that he had a 4.0 in college! At notre DAME! Not only does that mean he can learn the playbook fast and effectively but it means he has the brains to make the right decision in games. SUCK IT!

  2. It just goes to show that you can politic all day long to be the number one pick, but the tape doesn’t lie. He is an inaccurate thrower, a poor decision maker, who built up his stats beating up on the Service Academies. He never won one big game in four years at Notre Dame. There was no controversy as to who the best QB was in this year’s draft, and falling past over 20 teams that could have had him but chose other players proves it. Suck it ND fans.

  3. They also say he can’t throw on the run or move outside the pocket. 2 or the 3 plays in this sequence show otherwise.

  4. We all feel bad for Brady Quinn. But he’ll be just fine in Cleveland.
    However, it isn’t fair to criticize players like Jamarcus Russell or Ted Ginn. They can’t draft themselves. It is the NFL general managers and scouts that your anger should be directed towards.

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