“You will be thrilled every time you watch him as a punt returner”

When Cam Cameron came out to address the Dolphins fans at their draft party after they selected Ted Ginn Jr over Brady Quinn he was met with a chorus of boos from the crowd.  His response to calm them down?

“I’ve known this young man for over 10 years. I’ve watched this young man for a long time.’ You will be thrilled every time you watch him as a punt returner.”

Ummm… didn’t Cam Cam just spend a top 10 pick on Ginn?  And yet he referred to him as a punt returner when he addressed the Dolphins fans.  I’ll put aside my obvious Notre Dame bias for a second and imagine that I was a Dolphins fan.

Ok, I’m a Dolphins fan…. Now my team is about to release Dante Culpepper and only have Miss Cleo and Joey Harrington at quarterback and we already have a pretty good #1 receiver in Chris Chambers and now we drafted a receiver known to have bad hands and poor route running technique.

Hmmmm…. I don’t think i want to hear that this kid is going to be a great punt returner – at least not with the 10th pick.  Come on Cam, your fan base is pissed you passed on a quarterback and your response is “You will be thrilled every time you watch him as a punt returner?”  How about something like, “We feel we drafted a dynamic receiver who is going to make teams scheme against him because his speed causes a match-up problem every time he steps on the field?”

Wait, I guess that would have made too much sense, just like drafting a potential franchise quarterback over a “punt returner” would have made sense.

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  1. Harrington was released by the Dolphins and signed with the falcons, not traded. On a side note he did play well for the ‘phins when they let him play, and yes they made a mistake in not taking Quinn, but they think they just got Hester, instead of Eddie Drummond.

  2. Do they still have Daunte Culpepper? If the dolphins lost both Harrington and Culpepper, that franchise is in some deep ish…

  3. Poor, poor Dolphins fans, they Do NOT have Joey Harrington any more, he was traded to Atlanta on the 9th of April. Mike

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