Brady Quinn Handles Draft Day Free Fall With Class

New York (NY) – A nation of football fans watched early Saturday afternoon as Brady Quinn sat in the Green Room in Radio City Music Hall saw team after team pass him up. With each pick Quinn knew he was losing millions of dollars on his first contract, but Notre Dame’s all time leading passer stayed positive and weathered the storm with class.

Very few people every though Quinn would go past the Dolphins with the 9th overall selection based on Cam Cameron’s interviews with Quinn and their obvious need for a quarterback, but when the Dolphins did indeed pass on Quinn everyone got the impression that it might be a long wait for another team with a need at quarterback to come calling.

With television cameras glued to Quinn as Dolphins shockingly by passed him, he was seen saying, “that’s surprising,” but he still remained calm and in control despite his obvious disappointment in falling out of the top 10. At that point NFL commissioner Roger Goodell offer Quinn and his entourage his private suite to avoid a lot of uncomfortable television moments while twelve other teams passed him up.

Even while holed up in Goodell’s suite, Quinn came out and talked with the media and put on a happy face and rolled with the punches while he took a couple shots to the chin during his free fall. While talking with Suzy Kolber of ESPN, Quinn did his best to remain positive and even joked he was about to order some food since he wasn’t sure how long he would be there.

The interview with Kolber prompted ESPN analyst and NFL Hall of Fame quarterback, Steve Young to praise Quinn for his ability to handle the situation and said it spoke volumes about his character as well as his ability to handle the stress of being a quarterback in the NFL.

When his name was finally called, nearly four and a half hours after the draft began, Quinn came out and smiled for the cameras and talked about how his dream of playing for his childhood favorite had come true.

Before the smiles came out, however, Quinn was seen letting out a big sigh of relief as he walked from Goodell’s suite to the stage to poise for photographs while holding up a jersey he once wore as a child.

Quinn could have chosen to leave after the Dolphins left him at the alter, but when asked if he was sticking around, his response was that he was there until he got picked, no matter when it was.

Luckily for Quinn, his four plus hour nightmare concluded with a fairy tail ending that landed him with his hometown Cleveland Browns and with the chance to vie for the starting quarterback position of his childhood favorite.

In his post draft interviews Quinn wouldn’t bad mouth any of teams that he had interviewed with that passed him up, rather he decided to remain positive and focus on the opportunity that he now has. Not just the opportunity to win the starting quarterback job for the Browns, but the opportunity to show a bunch of NFL execs that you can’t measure heart and determination like you can how far someone can throw a football kneeling or sitting down.

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