Dave Duerson and Mike Ditka Aren’t Getting Along

Former Notre Dame standout Dave Duerson has been in the news lately because of a little feud that seems to be brewing between he and Mike Ditka.  Ditka has been championing for player’s rights along with Joe DeLamielleure. Duerson, a member of the player union’s pension and disability board, told the Chicago Tribune the other day that Mike Ditka wasn’t too nurturing toward hi injured players.

“Mike was not one who gave a damn about the players or their injuries when he was coaching,” Duerson said in a Tribune interview. “He was very disrespectful of guys who got hurt and now he’s trying to champion for a couple of guys. The fact of the matter is he’s way off base and he’s late in the game.” (Chicago Tribune).

Ditka responded at a lively press conference today stating:

“Whether they were first string, second string, third string, or special teams, that I didn’t worry about them when they were injured, that I didn’t care abut them, that I didn’t try to help them, is an out-and-out outrageous lie,” Ditka said at a news conference at his downtown restaurant. (NBC5).

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