Kyle McAlarney is Back At Notre Dame

According to the Sporing News from a couple days ago, McAlarney is back at Notre Dame:

Notre Dame PG Kyle McAlarney is back at school after his spring semester suspension, which followed an arrest on marijuana charges. He is one of three players enrolled in a summer minisession and is working out regularly with Fs Luke Harangody and Zach Hillesland. The Irish are looking forward to pairing McAlarney with sophomore PG Tory Jackson–a revelation coaches had after McAlarney’s departure–in a dual-point backcourt similar to the one that featured Chris Thomas and Chris Quinn. . . .

Getting McAlarney back should be a huge boost for the Irish bball team this year. Had they had his services at the end of the year last year Notre Dame may have been able to make some noise in the tournament.

A backcourt of McAlarney and Jackson to go along with Notre Dame’s strong and young frontcourt could make for a very dangerous team in 2007-2008. Jackson was really starting to mature towards the end of the season and when paired with McAlerney should form a backcourt that is even stronger than the Quinn-Thomas duo from a few years ago.

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One Comment

  1. frank,

    1. we are all very proud of kyle mcalarney and coach brey and extremely happy to have kyle back.

    2. while kyle did not have anything negative to say about the nd disciplinary system that operated more like an inquisition than a catholic or christian system, we certainly hope that the nd disciplinary system has learned from this atrocity and has come out of the middle ages.

    3. the mistake which kyle made and worked out with the legal authorities simply gave the nd inquisitors no possible legal, moral, ethical, or religious grounds for what they did to kyle and the lives and careers they have ruined before.

    4. while there are many examples, we will just mention rashon powers neal( pled no contest to a dui, in which no one was hurt) of the football team and the 4 student athletes who were thrown out of nd simply because they were accused of sexual misconduct. the nd grand inquisitors did not wait for the legal system to determine that those 4 were innocent.

    5. the inquisition is a shameful episode in the history of the catholic church. the catholic church leraned its lesson, but the nd disciplinary system has apparently not been enlightened.

    6. we are all proud that, unlike so many other schools, nd requires character and we are very proud of almost everything that nd has done and is striving to do.

    7. however, until we see some evidence that this inquisition disciplinary system run by people who do not have the guts to reveal their identities or to try to justify their conduct has been eliminated and fixed, we are going to be holding back our money and our young men and women from nd.

    8. if an nd student makes a really serious mistake that injures other people, the punishment dished out to kyle and others for minor errors might well be justified to build those solid characters which is part od nd’s mission.

    9. however, despite the fact that kyle dealt with this atrocity well does not excuse the atrocities committed by this medieval disciplinary system.

    10. this nd disciplinary system does not build character in young men and women. it does exactly the opposite, in addition to driving many fine young men amd women away from nd.

    11. hopefully, this medieval system has already been eliminated and fixed. an official announcement would really help nd.

    12. as the duke atrocity taught the world, the mere fact that a person is accused of something does not justify treating them as guilty. dealing drugs, cheating on exams, and beating people up would justify what was done to kyle, but only after those accused are proven guilty in a court of law.

    13. the type of minor mistakes made by kyle and powers neal simply provide no justification for what was done to them.

    14. the other standard applied by nd’s inquisitorial medieval disciplinary system: namely, that students are presumed guilty just because they are accused is equally disgraceful to the nd community and to the high standards for which nd is supposed to stand.

    15. again, we hope that the people within nd who have been running this system have learned their lesson and will have the guts to step foward out of the shadows, apologize for their past misconduct, and announce the new system.

    if they need some guidance on what due process of law and any legitimate religious system require for a disciplinary system, they can simply take advantage of the resources at nd’s fine law school.

    our sincere congratulations to kyle and his family and coach brey,

    robert t. gilleran

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