Apparently Jimmy Clausen Will Ruin Charlie Weis

jimmy-clausen.jpgHeisman Pundit is a great site produces some really good content, but their post today insinuating that Charlie Weis “mortgaged his program’s future” on Jimmy Clausen is silly and down right ridiculous.

So, Weis passed on Mustain and left the slot open for Clausen. The idea was that Clausen was so good, he was worth waiting for.

Mustain, meanwhile, went 8-0 as a starter for Arkansas before transferring to USC.

In the meantime, Notre Dame has seen the writing on the wall regarding Clausen and has secured a commitment from another quarterback from the San Fernando Valley, Notre Dame High signal caller Dayne Crist, who is highly-regarded and could very well be the quarterback of the future.

His commitment to the Irish signals that Weis is probably a bit worried about the future of his star recruit.

First of all, there was nothing set in stone that Mustain would have definitely committed to Notre Dame had Weis made an offer late in the game. Secondly, Weis already had recruited two top 10 quarterbacks in that class and his commitment to the quarterbacks he already recruited is more of a reason why he didn’t go hard after Mustain. Zach Frazer and Demetrius Jones were already committed to Notre Dame and Weis made promises to them that he wouldn’t bring in any more quarterbacks.

The entire posts also fails to mention that Jones is even on the team an in the mix for the starting position. It also fails to mention that Zach Frazer, a top 10 quarterback last year, has transfered from Notre Dame because the Irish are loaded at quarterback with Clausen, Jones, and junior Evan Sharpley.

The insinuation that recruiting Crist is a sign that Weis is worried about Clausen is also a bit ridiculous. Weis will most likely try and recruit a quarterback every year and when you can get a quarterback as talented as Crist you go for it. Weis only had a handful of quarterbacks he even looked at this year and if he couldn’t have gotten an elite QB like Crist, he wouldn’t have pursued any others.

Maybe we should all let Clausen take a few snaps this fall before labeling him a bust. I doubt the author of the post saw many spring practices or the Blue-Gold game. Had he, he would have seen that of the four quarterbacks competting for the starting nod in the spring, Clausen threw the nicest ball.

If Heisman Pundit was just trying to rile up Notre Dame fans – mission accomplished, but if this post was a series attempt at assessing the future of Clausen, they should stick to discussing the Heisman race and not comment on a quarterback who’s never taken a snap on the college level.

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  1. That HP column is a contender for lamest sports punditry ever. He couldn’t limit himself to hysterical overspeculation about Clausen’s injury, but leapt chasms of ignorance to conclude that if Clausen is finished, so is Charlie.

    It’s nothing to get outraged about. A foolish opinion doesn’t change reality. It merely undermines any credibility the author might have, or ever hope to have.

  2. Bob,
    What civil action would you take against someone writing an opinion piece? C’mon, don’t make all of us ND fans look like whiny b*tches. The guy wrote a half ass piece of literature; so what?

  3. frank,

    1. to apply one of your immortal phrases( borrowed from burgess meredith in dirty old men, i believe) to the person hiding behind the internet name heisman pundit, this person or persons have elected, instead of making a wish in one hand and taking a crap in the other, to take a crap in every hands and to throw that stench at the public.
    2. there are ways of finding out who is behind these phony internet identities and exposing their real names to the public and taking civil actions against them in the courts.
    3. my friends and i will be looking up this idiot and taking appropraite action in the courts.
    4. keep up the great work.

    bob gilleran

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