Darius Walker Re-signed by Houston Texans

darius-walker-02.jpgA week after being cut by the Texans, Darius Walker was re-signed by Houston after they lost running back Chris Taylor for the season.

Walker was fortunate it was only a week. He was released July 23, then re-signed Saturday after Chris Taylor suffered a season-ending knee injury.

The team that didn’t think he was worth taking to training camp didn’t have to convince him to return for another shot.

“All you could look forward to is just a chance somewhere, so when Houston called me back, I was thrilled,” Walker said. “I was like a kid at a candy store.”

Walker described the call from Texans general manager Rick Smith as “almost like a call from God.” The question now: Does Walker have a prayer of making the team?

According to the same Houston Chronicle article, Walker is taking advantage of his second chance with the Texans.

Walker has hit holes in practice like he believes he can do it. Texans coaches, who didn’t think he had a chance two weeks ago, are impressed and regularly shouting out, “Nice play, (No.) 37!” in practice.

“Whatever he did from the time we let him go before training camp opened till the time we brought him back, some light went on,” Kubiak said. “I think he understands what he’s got to do and the small window there is to become a pro football player. And I see a kid that’s back ready to do it the right way and take advantage of the situation.”

Maybe getting cut before camp served as a wake up call for Walker. One of the knocks against Walker has always been that he didn’t hit holes with authority and he shyed away from contact – maybe getting cut has opened his eyes and let him know that at the NFL level, teams wants backs who fight for the extra yards. Whether that is the case or not remains to be seen, but here’s Walker good luck making the Texans roster – with their stable of running backs he will need it.

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  1. http://blogs.chron.com/fanzone/2007/08/post_3.htme

    The first round of NFL will be on August 28. The second round is on September 1. Darius Walker had a little trouble the first week of camp, but his attitude is totally different. The above link shows an argument between many Texans fans about who should be cut from teh Texans roster. I hope you get a chance to see how much Houstonians are pulling for Walker. Check it out!

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