Rhema McKnight Released by Saints, Signed by Chargers

rhema-mcknight.jpgRhema McKnight found himself out of work Thursday when he was released by the New Orleans Saints who have a crowded wide receiver corps.

“The Saints made two roster moves on Thursday afternoon. They signed receiver Chris Jackson and guard Tim Duckworth, while waiving receiver Rhema McKnight and guard Wes Sims.” ( NOLA )

McKnight, however, was not out of work very long. On Friday, the Chargers found out that Eric Parker would be out for 10 weeks and signed McKnight.

In roster moves today, the club cut running back Reggie Merriweather and signed receiver Rhema McKnight, an undrafted free agent signed by New Orleans, but recently released.

The 6-1, 211 pound McKnight was one of the most productive receivers in Notre Dame history, and is known as an outstanding blocker with an excellent work ethic and intangibles. As a senior, he had 67 catches for 907 yards and 15 touchdowns. (Chargers Football Extra)

The Chargers aren’t particularly deep at receiver. They have, for the most part, a group of young and inexperienced receivers so there is a chance that McKnight could catch on here if he can show some consistency in camp. McKnight’s big knock last year were his hands – something that wasn’t as big of an issue prior for the 2006 season.

It’s crazy to think that a guy who scored 15 touchdowns in a single season for Notre Dame will have to fight for a roster spot in the NFL, but such seems to be the case with McKnight who went undrafted back in April. McKnight’s situation also makes the argument used against Brady Quinn leading up to the draft of his receivers making him look better than he was seem a bit silly. If his receivers were the ones making him look good why is it that one of them is already on his second NFL team one week into training camp?

Regardless, I’d love to see McKnight catch on with the Chargers if for no other reason than for giving me an excuse to buy one of those sweet powder blue Chargers jerseys. San Diego…. Super Chargers… San Diego Chargers… CHARGE! (second best team fight song in the NFL behind Fly Eagles Fly)

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  1. nate,
    1. there are no racial slurs.

    2. with respect to maisel and other sportwriters who pose as members of the media, but illegally use the funds of publicly traded companies in which i own stock to bash nd and honest programs and to promote usc and help usc in their coverups, these are not allegations. they are statements of fact, supported for 5 years of printing out every dishonest story that maisel and his colleagues have put out.
    3. if the statements are not true, i invite maisel to sue me.
    4. but for the fact that maisel and certain other people posing as members of the media and making false statements deliberately designed to drive recruits and fans away from nd and to the schools that are promoting,using our corporate funds, we would disregard them.
    5. no, my friends and i are not above exposing maisel and those like him and driving them of the payrolls of the corporations in which we own stock.
    6. you may remember that trev alberts used to get a paycheck from disney, via espn.com.
    7. he was fired.
    8. maisel and these others have gone far beyond the turn the other cheek stage. they have been warned privately and have elected to continue.

    have a great day,
    bob gilleran

  2. hey Nate, where were the racial slurs? I dont like Maisel either, does that make me a racist as one white male to another???

  3. look, I’m as big of an Irish fan as anyone, and I certainly love seeing ND players excell in the NFL, but is there really a need for racial slurs and allegations against members of the media? Aren’t we better than that?

  4. frank,

    1. we are happy to see rhema prosper in the nfl, as he should.

    2. rhema did a fine job at nd, much better than the bodies of work of many wrs drafted by the nfl and with much beter phyical talents, intelligence, and integrity.

    3. we know that there is still and anti nd bias on certain nfl staffs, caused by the constant nd bashing by ivan maisel and certain of his ethnically and religiously bigoted colleagues in the media who have made careers, sone to be over, out of printing derogatory information that they know to be3 false against nd and nd players.

    4. rhema has only the remains of one subconscious memory of that nasty injury at the 2005 michigan game to overcome.

    5. then, he will be off to the races with a fine and long nfl career, unlike that idiot mike williams of usc.

    6. maisel and the other con artistsw who use the media for illegal purposes conned an nfl team into drafting mike williams of usc very high and paying him a fortune.

    7. williams has been a complete dud in the nfl. i wonder how the nfl teams that got conned into paying that money to mike williams feel about the people who ripped them off.

    8. like the other nd players, rhema will be a fine role model in the nfl for our children and grandchildren.

    9. and, unlike most other college football players, rhema has a fine education to fall back on if the nfl does not work out or when that career is over.

    10. sure, students can get fine educations at schools like florida and michigan. however, as confirmed by jim harbaugh, who played at michigan, these schools recruit players that they know could never survive any serious college courses.

    11. even the ones who could succeed as students at real courses are pushed into ball room dancing and finger painting so that they can be full time football players, putting them all in tragic nfl or bust positions.

    erin go braugh,

    bob gilleran

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